License for weapons, renewal. License for self-defense weapons

The license for weapons allows ordinary citizens of the Russian Federationcarry this weapon with you. Earlier it was allowed to use it exclusively for shooting in a dash or for hunting. Relatively recently there were amendments to the legislation, according to which people have the right to also use weapons for self-defense. It concerns only traumatic pistols, that is, weapons that can stop and damage, but will not lead to death. Hunting weapons, as before, used for self-defense is strictly prohibited.

Getting permission

There are several basic steps thatmust be completed in order to obtain a license to purchase. Weapons do not tolerate a superficial approach, therefore it is recommended to study all related regulatory documents beforehand. In particular, they include the Law on Arms and the Criminal Code. In the latter case, special attention should be paid to article No. 37. After this, it is necessary to contact any suitable police station to clarify the current location of the department, through which a license for weapons can be obtained. Training in handling it will also be included in the total cost of payment, which is useful for many categories of citizens.

Once this information is obtained,visit the armory shop. It is necessary to choose the weapon you like and clarify with the seller what type of license is required for its use. Separately it is necessary to be defined precisely for what it will be used, and to learn the sizes. They are needed to buy a safe. Without him, obtaining a license will be impossible. It should be remembered that the safe must be purchased and installed before the completion of all necessary documents. Among other things, it must match the size of the desired type of weapon, or even better, that its dimensions are slightly larger. This is no longer an obligatory requirement, but it will make the storage of weapons more comfortable.

After all this is prepared, it is necessarycollect all the required documents, which will be described in more detail below. Together with them, you should contact the license department and write the appropriate application. Next, you have to pay all invoices for the service and bring confirmatory receipts to the same place. Within 10 days there should be a reaction or a refusal.

license for weapons

Reasons for failure

All in all, a license for self-defense weapons is notis issued. Article No. 9 of the above Law "On Arms" indicates that the applicant must reach the age of 18, provide only correct data and all required medical certificates. Among other things, he should not have a criminal record for committing intentional crimes and even more so this person should not serve a sentence at the time of filing an application. Also for the previous year of administrative violations there should be no more than two. The applicant must have a permanent residence permit, receive special training (which in turn lasts from 2 to 4 months) and confirm the presence of a special safe at home. The presence of the latter is checked by a specially directed precinct officer.

Required documents

The process of issuing a license is quite long. Partly because of the time of consideration, but this is not the most serious factor. The longest it takes is to collect all the required documents. The license for the weapon you want to purchase implies the need to provide medical certificates. It will be necessary to visit a polyclinic, a narcological clinic, and a psychiatric dispensary. In all places, it should be written that this applicant has no contraindications to the storage, carrying and use of weapons. Otherwise, the process of registration can not continue, there will still be a refusal. In addition, the passage of training in the use of weapons strongly affects the period. This is necessary in order to successfully pass the verification of the operation of the chosen weapons and the knowledge of all the required norms of laws. All the rest is not so long. It is necessary to make a photocopy of the passport and hunting ticket (if it is planned to purchase just such a variety of weapons). It will take 2 photos in size 3 for 4 and a report from the district police officer, confirming the presence and the correspondence of the safe to all the rules. It should be noted that verification of knowledge of the operation of weapons and laws is carried out only in the initial design. When you renew the license, this will no longer be necessary. Always need to carry the originals of a hunting ticket, passports and licenses, if you plan to carry or transport weapons.

license for weapons extension

What you do not need a license for

Not all types of civilian weapons needregistration of special documents. But there are few such options - only 4 pieces. A license for weapons is not required for the operation, carrying and use of old weapons (swords, knives and other options, but subject to the availability of appropriate documents), electric shocks, pneumatics (muzzle energy up to 7.5 J, and caliber no more than 4.5 mm) , as well as gas cartridges. All this can be used absolutely freely, naturally, observing the laws. Separately, it should be said about pneumatic weapons. Recently, more and more samples have appeared that are significantly more powerful than those that do not require documents. When buying, you need to check the characteristics of the product.

Approximate prices for registration

The exact prices for the purchase of weapons or a safe for himstorage does not exist. These data need to be specified directly in the store. But the cost of other services can already be approximately calculated. The license for rifled weapons will cost an average of 8 thousand rubles. Much depends on the region of residence. This amount includes training courses, the price of which is within 5 thousand rubles. All medical certificates will cost about 1,200 r. The remaining expenses will be spent on getting a hunting ticket (about 500 rubles), payment of state duty (depends on the type of weapon) and payment for the application form. It turns out not such a large amount, especially against the background of the price of weapons and the cost of a safe.

license for self-defense weapon

Features of license renewal

A document authorizing the possession of a weapon is issuedfor 5 years. Naturally, more often it will be necessary to prolong it further. This process is much easier than the initial design, if you comply with all the rules. First it is necessary to visit the same department in which the license for weapons was initially obtained. The extension of this document requires the repayment of the state duty. You can take the previous receipt and just duplicate the payment. The document confirming payment should be transferred to the licensing department again. In addition, it is necessary to agree with the precinct officer that he came again and wrote another report that the safe is in order and there are no problems. After all this, you will need to write an application for renewal and expect a solution. It will be necessary to provide in addition all the same documents as in the initial design. The only exception is a copy of an existing license. It must be remembered that it is necessary to begin processing the renewal three months before the expiration of the validity of the authorization document. Otherwise, you have to wait a whole year.

documents license for weapons

Renunciation of renewal

It is necessary to comply with all requirements and laws. Otherwise, failure may follow. It may be caused by improper filing period, presence of administrative violations, lack of safe deposit box, inconsistency in medical indicators, as well as weapon failure or unauthorized modification of its design. Naturally, weapons are also withdrawn, and the license is withdrawn when a crime is committed or serving a sentence. If a fault is detected, a certain period is given for their elimination. If the license for the weapon was delayed, the extension will be impossible. It is necessary urgently to cancel it and in a year to make out a new one (if allowed). In this case, you will also have to provide all the standard documents, except for the confirmation of the training.

Renewal fee

As already mentioned above, it will still be necessarypay a state fee. Its size depends heavily on the type of weapon chosen. Nevertheless, the extended license for firearms will cost much less than the design of a new one. The specified duty rarely exceeds 200 rubles, and starts altogether from 10 rubles. Usually the commission in the bank for such payments is even higher than the amount of payment itself.

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Only storage and training

The license for weapons can be of several different types. There is such a simplified and simplified version of the document, according to which the applicant gets the right exclusively for storing weapons at home, using it for self-defense at home (from thieves and robbers, for example), as well as carrying in a special case and training at the shooting range. Among other things, ammunition is also sold exclusively under license, and such a variety imposes many different restrictions. Many agree on the opinion that such a document does not make much sense, since it requires almost the same package of documents.

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Advantages and disadvantages

Since the first rumors began thatweapons will be allowed to use for self-defense, the public has divided into two camps. Some believe that a license for civilian weapons will lead to a significant increase in the number of crimes. But the opinion of the other part of the population is absolutely the opposite. They believe that criminals already have access to weapons, but the appearance of the ability of a simple person to protect themselves, on the contrary, will lead to the fact that thieves and robbers will think several times before deciding to act. Among other things, statistics point to the fact that countries in which a license for self-defense weapons can be obtained without special problems may boast of lower crime rates. Usually, you do not even need to use it - just show and depict the determination of the application. Thieves of all types will not contact a potentially dangerous victim, even if they are able to cope with it. There is also a rather interesting opinion that the mutual politeness of people, each of which can have weapons, will be much higher than at the moment.

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The result

A license for weapons is a document that isto be present in order to be able to use, transfer or store weapons. Its design can take a very long time, and in terms of costs is not too cheap pleasure. Nevertheless, it is a useful acquisition that can protect the owner and make him more confident in his abilities, even in those areas where he does not need to use weapons.

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