What types of documents are used in economic activities?

From generation to generation forhuman history is transmitted information about the surrounding reality, and the forms of its presentation can be completely different: drawing, writing, photography, video recording and even a document.

types of documents
In turn, the types of documents, as a rule,having legal force, are also very diverse. They help to make managerial decisions, and also regulate the work of the organization at any stage of its activity, which makes it possible to call them an integral element of the internal organization of any enterprise. It is not surprising that the types of documents and their classification are the subject of scientific research by many scientists. Success in this area depends on the consistency of the legislation in the field of standardizing the design of various types of papers and the organization of records management in general, which ultimately allows the enterprise to work more efficiently.

All kinds of documents that are used ineconomic activity of the enterprise can be divided according to the following characteristics: by spheres of activity, by content, degree of unification, degree of confidentiality, design and, of course, by name.

administrative documents types
By the nature of activitiesadministrative and management reporting. The first group includes all business papers, which are employees of the enterprise and which concern general issues of enterprise management and organization of production activities. Other types of documents are employees of special departments of the company on their immediate activities. This, for example, employees of the accounting department, sales department and any other functional units.

In content types of documents are complex andsimple. Their difference is in the breadth of the scope of issues of economic activity. According to the degree of unification, in accordance with the current legislation, there are individual, sample, standard and unified business papers. According to the degree of confidentiality - secret and with open access. The documentation can be different, but it is important to distinguish the originals, copies, duplicates and extracts.

Types of documents and their classification
The whole set of issues of economicThe activities of the enterprise are regulated by organizational and administrative documents. The types of these documents depend directly on the sphere in which the firm is spinning. And their validity, first of all, is affected by literacy compilation, as well as compliance with all legal requirements and the availability of all necessary requisites. The model agreement must contain the following elements:

  • Russian State Emblem;
  • the coat of arms of the subject of Russia in which the enterprise is located;
  • emblem or trademark of a business entity;
  • OGRN of the legal entity;
  • code of the organization by OKPO;
  • TIN / CIT of the business entity;
  • authorship;
  • code of the document on OKUD;
  • reference data about the enterprise (address, telephone, e-mail, fax);
  • Title of the document;
  • date and place of the paper making;
  • date of the agreement;
  • the addressee to which the agreement is drawn;
  • registration number, which includes the date of registration of the paper in the firm.
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