How to obtain a cadastral passport of a land plot. Cost of cadastral passport of a land plot

The procedure for collecting the documents necessary forThe state registration, for example, the contract of sale of an apartment, is very difficult. One of the required documents is a cadastral passport. His receipt will not be called a troublesome business, but it will not be superfluous to know his order. Therefore, before proceeding, it is necessary to find out all the answers to the question: "How to obtain the cadastral passport of the land plot?"

general information

how to obtain a cadastral passport of a land plot

The cadastral passport of the land plot (KPZU)called a document in which the technical legal characteristics of the land plot, placed on the cadastral state accounting, as a real estate object, are collected. Each of them has a cadastral number - a special number for the registered site in the state cadastre. KPZU introduced with the help of the Federal Law of the Russian Federation No. 221 - FZ of 24.07.2007 (p.4 vs. 14).

KPZU reminds an extract from the cadastreState real estate, where there is all information about this facility. According to the Federal Law No. 221-FZ "On State Real Estate Cadastres" (later - the Federal Law), generally accepted data added to the state cadastre can be provided to everyone at the request of cadastre agencies. These data are provided for no more than 5 spent shifts from the date of receipt to the cadastral registration authorities (Federal Law, Part 8, Article 14).

What you should know

form of cadastral passport of the land plot

To get the CPR, you need to contact thethe territorial subdivision of cadastral registration authorities - now it is considered the FGU "Land Cadastre Chamber" - with a passport and preferably with a cadastral number. In some cases, the employee who accepts the application will ask for the phone number, because the alert can come in the form of a text message. How to accept the application, issue a receipt with the date when you should receive a passport. If you do not know where and how to contact, you can seek help from a consultant on this topic. Together with a specialist you can quickly and easily issue a cadastral passport of a land plot.

Passport of the site: the process of obtaining

The form of the cadastral passport of the land plotunfinished construction was approved by the Order of the Minister of Russia in 2008 № 32 "Approval of the forms of cadastral passport building, objects of unfinished construction or premises" (Appendix No. 1).

Issuance of the cadastral passport of the land plotis managed by the body that makes cadastral registration of the object - the territorial office of the "Rosreestr" - at the request of everyone in electronic form or on paper 20 days after the time of filing applications. You can obtain KPZU only when the site has a cadastral number. When there is no number, it will be necessary to establish a land plot, otherwise the deal will be impossible.

Land: registration in Rosreestr

order cadastral passport of the land plot

To put the land plot on the register in the management of Rosreestr, you need to provide the following documents:

- certificate of inheritance of the object,

- an extract from the master's book or a decision of the local administration.

Data on the State Real Estate Cadastrebefore the date of the amendment to the Tax Code of the Russian Federation are provided free of charge. But you can choose another option, when the BTI or someone else offers their services to receive a document for money. There is nothing illegal here, you will just pay what someone will run for you.

Problem with obtaining a passport

cadastral passport of the land plot cost

Usually, during the application to the cadastral authoritiesaccounts with an application for data on previously registered land plots, as well as a cadastral passport, it is clarified that these data are not included in the cadastre. If these data are not available, they simply have not been handed over to the authorities responsible for recording land plots in the established order. Then it is required to apply with the necessary application to the bodies of cadastre accounts with the request to conduct accounting for a particular object.

With the previously recorded site, there may also be problems in obtaining a passport. Such a document, according to the law of the Russian Federation, is not granted if:

- there is no cadastral information about the coordinates of the desired point of the boundary of land plots;

- one border of the site intersects with another boundary according to the cadastral data of the latter.

He says that these problems are encounteredoften. If you are refused to issue a cadastre passport for an interested person, you must correct the factors that served as reasons for refusal, as provided by law. First it is required to go to the cadastre registration body with a statement on the amendment to the data of state real estate cadastres. It should be noted that according to the law, they can not refuse to issue passports of the already registered land plots required for garage or housing individual construction.

Cadastral passport of the land: all nuances

obtaining a cadastre passport of a land plot

How to get the cadastral passport of the landif you have not encountered this procedure before? Obtaining a cadastral passport is possible when your land is cadastral, and it has a cadastral number. In this case, the procedure is greatly simplified. It is necessary to collect documents that consist of an application, a photocopy of the passport, a copy of the certificate of the cadastral number of the plot that is assigned to each land plot, and a certificate of the land plot. It is these documents that are submitted to the Rosreestr, located at the place of the property. Time for registration of the cadastral passport of the land plot is equivalent to 30 days, when the site is not on the cadastral register and is registered for the first time. To do this, you will need a statement, an act of consistency of the border with neighbors, a landmark plan and a receipt for payment of state duty (for legal entities - 1000 rubles and for individuals - 100 rubles).

Collection of documents for registration

to issue a cadastral passport of a land plot

The boundary plan consists of individual organizations,making it for a certain amount. The cost of surveying ranges from 5-20 thousand rubles. To all this, individual surveying organizations can provide other services, for example, contribute to the registration of a cadastral passport. The cost and term of the preparation of the boundary plan depend directly on the location of the site and the urgency of the work. Usually this procedure is very long, it can last up to six months. All these documents are referred to the territorial agency of Rosreestr at the place where the facility is located. You will need:

- an act of aligning the border with a neighboring site;

- certificate;

- The boundary plan;

- an application for the registration of the site;

- number of the cadastral area when it appears on your certificate;

- a copy of the certificate for land, previously certified by a notary;

- a notarized power of attorney or the passport of the owner who represents his interests.

Recent Activity

The next step is to go to the site of the State Service and findthe following service: "Providing data specified in the state real estate cadastre." In order to submit an application for the provision of this information, it is required to issue the application electronically, recording the information required and information about the applicant. After registration of the application, the system will process and send a request to Rosreestr to verify the data recorded in the application and make a final decision. To find out the current status, use the section "My applications" in my account. When the process is completed, the system will give you the answer and provide the result of the service. If the system fails, the system will also report an error.

The cost of some documents and services

The applicant can find out the result in his officeon a single portal of public service. Information can be obtained through the WEB-site, by mail, through e-mail, through a representative or personally in the hands. Data of the KPZU type are usually provided for no more than 5 working days.

issue of cadastre passport of a land plot
To receive in an electronic format cadastralthe passport of the land plot, the cost of the service to the legal entity will cost 300 rubles, and the individual - 50 rubles. You can pay by bank transfer. In case you need to get a cadastral passport of a land plot on paper, the cost for legal entities will be 600 rubles, physical - at a rate of 200 rubles. You can also order the cadastral passport of the land plot on the Internet. First, register on the website of state services and fill out the online application form.

The cadastral passport includes several forms: В.1-В.4.

In No.1 - data on land:

- area;

- cadastral value;

- Definition of the category of land and special purpose (IZHS, etc.);

- site data;

- cadastral number.

In number 2 - the plan of the site is given after the survey. If the survey is not carried out, this form will not be given out.

In numbers 3 and 4, data on restrictions and encumbrances relating to the land plot are recorded. For example, refer the site to the area of ​​engineering communications or the nature protection zone.

How to obtain a cadastral passport of landif there is a cadastral number? When your site is on the cadastral register, and it has a number, then when you get a passport, no difficulties arise. You can get a passport in two ways:

- Collect all necessary documents along with the application, a copy of the passport, a cadastral number and a copy of the title deed.

- Submit these documents to the Rosreestr according to the location of your site.

And you will be issued a cadastral passport for 30days. After reading our article, you now certainly know how to get the cadastral passport of the land. Knowing the basic nuances, you do not have to spend much time collecting documents. And this increases the chances for a quick receipt of the cadastral passport of the land plot.

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