Do I need a scooter?

Perhaps today the scooter is the most idealmeans of transportation in the current situation. Its advantages are quite obvious. First, freedom! Secondly, a fairly high speed (by urban standards). A minimum of physical effort and maximum of pleasure.

scooter rights

What type of transport should I include a scooter? This question remains in the "suspended" state so far. For a motor scooter, the motor capacity is not higher than 50 cm3. and a speed of no more than 60 km / h does not require a driver's license. But with other technical characteristics, it is necessary to register in the traffic police, a regular inspection, the presence of a helmet, etc. Such a gradation existed until recently. But now the drivers are threatened with the inability to manage any kind of scooter without a driver's license.

Some supporters of this bill believe that in the current situation on the roads, the rights to a scooter are simply necessary.

In addition to the mandatory authorization to manage this mode of transport, the draft proposed in the Duma also implies an increase in the age qualification (from 16 to 18 years).

moped rights

While no driver's license is required for a scooter,the depressing situation on the roads will not change. The problem is exacerbated especially in the summer. Teenagers chasing mopeds are almost the main culprits of an accident. In America, for example, no teenager will sit behind the wheel of a moped until a special training course takes place. The rights to the scooter are issued here separately for driving on sidewalks and separately for driving on the pavement. It is quite true that any road user should know his rules. And it is absolutely logical that he must confirm his right to drive. After all, a car is a threat to the lives of others. Although the scooter, rather, is a danger to the driver. Neither elbow pads nor helmets compare in any way with the bodywork.

It turns out that the rights to a scooter are such compulsory care. Do not want to take care of yourself, we will force you.

It should be more serious about scooters. In the traffic flow it is necessary to be extremely attentive and cautious and mature enough not only to make quick decisions, but also to bear full responsibility for them.

children's scooters

Many parents perceive the desires of their childrenas a law. But they need to understand that children's scooters are not a toy. And they are potentially dangerous for the child. Is it to satisfy the desire to boast of his life? The child should understand that the vehicle is a big responsibility.

The rights to a moped, scooter and other motor vehicles areindicator of the maturity of the teenager and the ability to drive vehicles. To date, a scooter can control almost anyone, regardless of his mental and physical condition, which significantly reduces the level of safety on the road.

Mopeds and scooters have long since passed from the categoryunpretentious light vehicles for driving on country roads in the category of full-fledged, and sometimes, the only means to get to the place of study or work. They are not afraid of rush hours, when cities are in traffic jams and congestion, they easily sweep past them, hitting the surrounding people with their mobility.

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