How is the sale of an apartment

execution of purchase of an apartment

There are transactions that we make eachday. To them, for example, retail sale and purchase, almost always - every day or every few days - it is committed by all people. But there is a treaty whose importance can not be underestimated, because such an agreement may even be the only one in life. Among other things, such transactions include buying and selling an apartment. This is not accidental, because real estate has always been in price, especially in our country. In this article we will consider such a question as the design of the sale of an apartment.


standard contract of sale of an apartment

To deal with this agreement, you need to startknow which documents to collect. If you are a buyer, it is important to have a title deed to the real estate object and the right to confirm it. All this can be asked from the seller. The document is called "evidence". It is issued by the seller or by a special registration authority (the name changes). In principle, this is enough to formalize the contract of sale. After all, if you demand a document from a government agency, then there is no doubt that it is genuine. You can insure yourself, ask the vendor for technical documentation. However, it can also be obtained at the institution for a fee. Also in the package of documents are those that certify the identity of the parties in the contract (passport), a certificate of registered citizens in a particular apartment or house.

Typical contract of sale of apartments

It so happened that today it is possible to compileagreement and without specialists. There is a mass of standard forms on the basis of which it is possible to make out the purchase and sale of an apartment. In addition, there are special services that help such a transaction. Nevertheless, I would advise all the same to use the services of lawyers, because if you do something wrong, the consequences can be very depressing. It is important to clearly understand and understand the strength of any provisions of the treaty, because it can in the future become the basis for judicial proceedings. Hurry with this kind of documents is not worth it, it's important to carefully read everything and get to the heart of the transaction.

Pay attention!

draw up a sales contract

Making an apartment for sale is difficultA procedure that can have a ton of details. Money must be transferred only on documents that are signed. It is important to make sure that there are no rights of other persons to the apartment, there should not be any debts either. If you buy housing from a person who is married, then you must demand the consent of the other spouse. And it must be notarized. It is important to remember that if an apartment owner is a minor or incapacitated person, then it is possible to sell such a property only with the consent of the relevant authorities (guardianship and trusteeship). Please note that the registration of the sale and purchaseThe apartment rarely runs smoothly and without any difficulties. Even in the simplest case, there may be a situation where there are doubts about certain issues. In this case, "at random" registration does not need to be done. I have already mentioned the consequences that can be.

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