How to write a claim for a substandard product

There are cases when the purchase isinadequate quality. Therefore, I want to either exchange it or return money for it. But first, read how to write a claim for a substandard product. You can do everything yourself, without the help of lawyers.

how to write a claim for a substandard product

How to write a claim for a substandard product: an application

You can write the application in any form. But there are mandatory items that need to be specified:

- It is necessary to address the claim to the directorshop in which a substandard product was purchased. Ideally, this surname and initials, but if you do not know the data of the manager, you should write: "The director of the store (the store manager) ....". Specify the name of the trade object in the place of ellipsis.

- In the upper right corner of the application indicate your name with initials, address of residence and telephone number.

- Further describe your problem. Specify all briefly: what is the number, in which place the product was purchased, the quality of the product, the defects detected.

How to write a claim for a substandard product: we rely on the law

Proceeding from the 18th article of the Law "On Protection of Consumers' Rights", you have the right:

- request a replacement for a similar product (of the same brand);

- request a replacement for the same product of another brand;

- Demand to reduce the price commensurate with the defect;

- demand repair of the goods at the expense of the store;

- Demand to return the money in full.

write a claim
Claim for poor-quality goods: features

Having described the situation, you must choose one of the following:of the above points, indicating it in the application, with reference to Article 18 of the Law "On Protection of Consumer Rights". Then write that in case of dissatisfaction with your requirements, you will sue in court.

How to give a complaint to a seller of a substandard product

The application is ready, now you need to make a copy of it,as well as copies of checks of the guarantee document. One package of documents (claim, copies of the check and the guarantee document) is given to the manager / director or seller. Important point: a store employee must leave his signature, stamp and number on two copies.

Reviewing the question

For certain groups of goods, the processing timevary from 3 to 20 days. The store can make an independent examination, on the basis of which a decision will be made. If it is determined that the product has come to a faulty state through your fault, then it will not be possible to exchange / receive back the money for it, moreover, you may be required to pay for the examination.

How to write a claim for a substandard product, if the store does not agree to accept the application

It happens that the seller refuses to even acceptclaim. In this case, send a letter (along with all copies) with a notice to the address of the store. The date of filing the application will be the day the letter was received.

claim for defective goods

- If the store continues to ignore your claim, contact the consumer protection committee.

- If you want the purchased goods to be repaired, the seller must provide you with a replacement for temporary use.

According to the list of PP RF 55, dated 19.01.1998, there are goods, the replacement of which at the time of repair is not provided:

- motorcycles and motor vehicles, wheelchairs;

- electrical appliances, medical devices and appliances used by hairdressers, as well as items intended for heat treatment;

- weapons.

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