What to photograph on a passport: requirements

Photographing on a passport is a responsibleevent. It's worth it to prepare well. Currently, biometric civil and passports are being introduced for traveling abroad. The requirements for a photo for such a document are quite strict. In addition, I want to look good on it. After all, this document should be used for a long time. What to photograph on a passport? What are the rules for choosing clothes? What is allowed and what is forbidden to wear? The answers to these and other questions can be found in our article.

How to choose the right clothes for a photo on a passport?

You can take pictures at anything. That's what almost everyone thinks. It is possible, but, unfortunately, not in our country. To the photo, which is used in documents, certain rules are made. Of course, they must be observed. To the biometric photo, the rules are even stricter. But first things first.

what to photograph on the passport

What to photograph on a passport tocomply with the rules and look good? If the picture is executed in violation of the rules, then it will have to be altered. And this involves additional time and money. And if the photo is unsuccessful, you will have to wait long to change it.

General rules for choosing clothes. What is not allowed, but what can be done?

For men and women, the advice is slightly different. But there are general recommendations and rules that will allow you to get high-quality photos.

So, people can not be photographed on a passport:

  • in a sports suit;
  • in various designer blouses, shirts and T-shirts;
  • in open T-shirts and tops;
  • in the headgear;
  • in shirts in a bright cell or strip (for men);
  • in blouses with paillettes and rhinestones, as well as other shiny decor (for women).

what is better to be photographed on the passport

Separately, I would like to say about the headdresses. By the rules, they should not be on such a photo. The exception is citizens of a particular religion, which does not allow them to bare their heads in public.

What not to wear if you take a photo on your passport:

  • outfits with a too open collar, so as not to look "naked" in the picture;
  • white blouses or shirts, if the background on the photo is very light or white;
  • sweaters with a volumetric collar, turtlenecks with a high neck;
  • trendy things that in a year or two will look ridiculous due to the fact that the fashion passed them;
  • a lot of costume jewelery and various ornaments. This applies to both women and men.
    can be photographed with the passport glasses

Colors in clothes. Which ones to choose better?

In what clothes are you photographed on your passport? If the picture is black and white, then it is worth giving preference to dark colors and colors in clothes. Suitable options are muffled black and gray in combination with white. Other color solutions are also suitable. You can wear colored monophonic shirts or blouses to make the photo more contrast. If you have a white jacket with no jacket / jacket, then the picture will only face. At the same time, clothes will merge with the background.

If the picture is colored, then it is desirable to choosemonochrome things of those shades that are in good harmony with the tone of your skin and eyes. Avoid bright colors or colors that give the face a pallor. Black and white are quite suitable. But only if these shades are in harmony with the face, do not make it too faded, do not give an unnatural shade to the skin.

Tips for men about choosing clothes

What to photograph on a passport? Making a picture in a shirt (without a suit), it is best to give preference to the classical strict model of any color except white. Men should remember this. But the white shirt looks great on the photo in combination with a jacket and tie. You can also wear it together with a classic jacket or a vest with buttons. Another good option is a knitted cardigan with a V-neck.

Until the rules were not sostrict, in the shop were offered clothing patterns. They could be used in the picture. How did it work? Using a special program, a template was applied. And after a few seconds the photo was ready. But now this is unacceptable. Make any changes and use "Photoshop" on the documentary photo is prohibited. Therefore, you need to find the right clothes for yourself.

Advice to women

What to photograph on a passport to ladies? Again, recommendations for those who love black and white. The white top on the photo merges with the background. This black will make the face very pale. The best option is a pastel calming tone, suitable for the color of eyes and skin.

can I be photographed on my passport with glasses

Saturated dark shades should be chosen withcaution. Some girls and women do not fit green and violet. Reflecting on the skin, they give the face an earthy tinge. Dresses and blouses with a fine print (in peas, a flower, in a thin strip or a small cage) are admissible.

I would also like to say about makeup. He should not be defiant.

What kind of women's outfits are prohibited?

What is undesirable to wear for a photo on a passport? Below is the list:

  • bright prints, flowers and large peas;
  • Blouse with jabot or voluminous bows;
  • large or voluminous costume jewelery, long or massive earrings;
  • various neck scarves, scarves and clothes with a neck that covers the neck to the face.

Advice for everyone

What is better to be photographed on a passport isthink in advance, trying on the possible options at home in front of the mirror. It should be remembered that the photograph on the passport is done with a flash or in brightly lit conditions. This means that the color scheme of clothes will look different: light tones - brighter, darker will become more saturated.

Consider one more point. Clothes should be clean, well ironed, not have stains and pellets. All these drawbacks will be visible when you point the camera.

You can be photographed with a beard on your passport

Points on the photo

There is much debate about whetherto be photographed on the passport in glasses. Some photographers require you to take them off so you do not do the work twice. Sometimes, conscious citizens themselves prefer to take a picture without glasses. The requirements for the photo show:

  • You can be photographed in glasses on your passport if the person wears them on a permanent basis;
  • the glass must not have a toning. It's hi to the appearance of highlights in the photo.

in which clothes to be photographed on the passport

With the second condition everything is clear, but with the first not quiteunderstandably. Who and how to check that the glasses are worn on an ongoing basis? For example, with the requirements for photographs for obtaining a Schengen visa, everything is crystal clear. It clearly states that a person is photographed without glasses, his eyes must be clearly seen.

And what about the beard?

A question that worries many men: "Can I be photographed with a beard on my passport or not?" In the law there is no rule prohibiting vegetation on the face. However, no one is immune from unnecessary vigilance of workers of controlling bodies. So do not experiment too much with your appearance to avoid problems.

A small conclusion

Rules have properties to vary. To the photo on various documents (civil passport, passport, biometric, Schengen visa) make different demands. Therefore, before taking a picture, you should carefully study them and follow them.

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