Missing Mary Glikin was found dead

In Nizhny Novgorod, November 8, was missingnineteen-year-old student Maria Glikina. Close girls immediately after the disappearance began a search, because the girl grew up in a happy family and had a trusting relationship with her parents - she always called if she was delayed. The body was discovered by volunteers about two days after the disappearance of Mary.

Fatal meeting of classmates

Maria Glykina
Maria Glikina was a creative girl andmodern, but at the same time domestic enough. At age 19, she studied at a construction institute, was fond of drawing and photography, lived with her parents and always told them where and how much they would go. Masha Masha trusted her daughter, she says that they had a conspiracy: her daughter always called and said that she was all right, even leaving on business for a short while. On Saturday, November 8, the missing went to a meeting with school friends in one of the city cafes. Masha behaved, as usual, left the house around 7:00 pm, the parents did not see the live girl anymore.

Chronology of events

Maria Glykinu
It was possible to establish that Maria Glikinareally met with friends in one of the institutions on Strelka. After the end of the gathering, the girl decided to visit her friend, who lives on Timiryazev Street. Concerned that the guest was gone for a long time, the friend decided to call her. Masha answered the phone, but she spoke strangely, maybe excited, she did not explain anything, said that she probably would not be able to come, and hung up. This phone conversation took place at the beginning of the eleventh hour, afterwards, the girl did not answer calls from friends and parents. Parents were shocked and frightened by the disappearance of her daughter, she could not accidentally "go wild" or forget to call. Almost immediately they began to study her pages in social networks and to interview friends of Maria.

Searches and a terrible find

Search for Maria Glykinu began almost immediately. The father of the disappeared worked in the police for a long time and connected his former colleagues in this case. Do not stay away and the numerous friends of a sociable girl. People were questioned on the street, they posted leaflets with photos, managed to track the signal of the mobile phone and several times comb the whole route of the alleged movement of Masha. But there was no result, and the hope of finding a girl alive was melting away with every hour. Someone from the search team turned to even psychics who said that Maria is long gone, and her body is below the ground, possibly in the basement. It was named and an approximate place, which should be sought. Psychics were right: on the evening of November 10, volunteers led by the girl's father found her. In the basement of an abandoned building in the street Studenoy among a variety of rubbish lay the stiff body of a girl with obvious signs of violent death. According to some sources, the corpse was partially stripped, numerous hematomas were visible on the skin with the naked eye. After the discovery of the body, a criminal case was initiated on the article "Murder". The criminal, so severely deprived of life by Maria Glikin, will certainly be caught and will suffer punishment.

Attention wanted!

Maria Glykin's Photo
This story received a great publicresonance due to the activity of volunteers-friends killed. The dead girl was so positive in all respects that the relatives and the investigation have no clue as to who could deal with her in such a cruel way. Maria Glikina was buried on November 12, but the investigation and search for the criminal continue until now. During the operative-search activities, video materials were watched from a huge number of surveillance cameras and autoregistrators. Various versions are being worked out, potential witnesses of the crime and suspects are questioned. I want to believe that the person who committed this terrible murder will still be fully punished. Maria Glikina, whose photo is still tearless to see relatives and friends, was a very bright and talented person. The perpetrator, who deprived her of her life, must answer for her atrocity in all the severity of the law.

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