How do they queue at the kindergarten and what documents are needed for this?

Raising a child is a veryfascinating and interesting. But the baby is already three years old, and it's time for mom to go to work. There is no one to leave the child with? There is a ready-made solution, tested for years, - a kindergarten. Do not worry, preschool, this institution will only be useful, because in addition to developing his studies there waiting for constant communication with peers. When and how do they queue at the kindergarten?

Preparing documents

While the government and analystsspeak about demographic recessions in our country, the Russian reality shows a shortage of places in kindergartens and kilometer queues in polyclinics. On how to stand in line at the kindergarten, many women start to think, just when the pregnancy comes.

How do they queue up in kindergarten

Do not panic and wait for the birth of the baby, becausewithout his first documents you still do not make any lists. The home paper is the birth certificate and the passport of the parent who submits the application. If the child requires a special preschool institution for medical reasons, we attach the relevant information. For families with benefits, you need to confirm your status.

Way virtual

How to stand in line in a kindergarten modernMom? The correct answer is via the Internet. The official portal of state services was created specifically to address a number of problems related to bureaucracy. Using this site, you can even order a passport or make an appointment with a municipal organization. In this way, you can queue in the child's kindergarten.

Queue in kindergarten

When registering, be careful - you needspecify the document numbers, they will be checked. Then choose the institutions of interest and the desired date of admission. You can always check the progress of the queue, and as soon as your little one waits for his place, it will remain to sign a contract with the garden.

Traditional option

How do those who do nottrust electronic public services? Everything is quite simple - once the documents are collected, you need to find a commission for the acquisition of preschool facilities in your area. You can get into the garden both at the place of residence of one of the parents, and at the actual place of residence. Call the specified organization and find out the schedule, then go to the reception and do not forget the documents.

Documents turn to kindergarten

The queue for kindergarten is controlled by therecruitment, and as soon as it becomes possible to enroll, you will be informed. Much easier and faster to get into the garden can be privileged. Also, as practice shows, getting into a correctional preschool institution is much easier than getting into a regular kindergarten. Note that specialized training classes exist not only for kids with serious developmental abnormalities or physical anomalies. Today in all cities there are gardens that accept toddlers with speech delay and other minor problems. Do not be lazy to pass the examination with all doctors. As soon as your turn comes to the commission on completing, you will be given a ticket to a pre-school institution. When enrolling in the garden you will sign a contract, which must be carefully studied. Be prepared for the fact that "voluntary" material assistance can be mandatory, as well as additional developmental activities for a fee.

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