How to return 13 percent for study: we deal with the nuances of tax deductions

Complaining about the high cost of education, many evendo not suspect that part of the amount spent on training can be repaid. However, for this you will have to collect documents, provide information on income and try to figure out how to return 13 percent for studying. And given that 2/3 of all students are trained on a paid basis, this topic should be of interest to many.

Theoretical basis

How to return 13 percent for study

Legislation provides that everyoneThe taxpayer has the right to social deductions. The relevant Code of the Federation spells out the cases in which this is possible. So, social tax deductions can be given from the amount that was paid for the education in each calendar year. At the same time, partial compensation in the amount of 13 percent for study can be obtained both for their paid education, and for the education of native and adopted children, brothers or sisters.

Parents can count on tax deductionsuntil their children turn 24 years old. In doing so, they must be trained at the full-time department. Guardians may receive compensation for the payment of education of their wards until they are 18 years old. But the amount of compensation for both parents can not exceed 50 thousand rubles per child. Also, the return of interest for studies takes place in the case of payment for education in the daytime department of a brother or sister who are under 24 years of age.

Conditions for payments and reimbursable amounts of compensation

Return of 13 percent from study

In order to get 13 percent for studying,your school should have a license or other document confirming its status. True, if payment is made at the expense of the parent's capital, no compensation payments are provided. Another condition is the mandatory submission of a tax return at the end of the reporting period.

Please note that the basis foreducation of children can not be more than 50 000. And if you spent money on your own education, then the state will return you 13% from the amount that does not exceed 120 000 rubles within one calendar year. At the same time, it is possible to draw up tax deductions for the previous three years, by submitting the relevant income statements and related documents.

How the payment is made out

Before dreaming about where you will spendmoney returned by the state, ask how to return 13 percent for study. To begin with, all conditions regarding the educational institution and the age of the trainee must be met (when paying for the education of children, brothers, sisters). Moreover, all incomes of the taxpayer must be declared and submitted to the appropriate body within the time allotted for this.

If all the conditions ensuring a return 13percent from the study, are observed, then you can apply for compensation for payment of training. The decision for each particular case and the calculation of the amounts to be reimbursed is taken within three months. If during the specified period from the moment you submitted your application for compensation you did not receive any money from the taxation or a reasoned refusal, then you have every right to complain to a higher authority.

Required documents

13 percent for study

Before going to the tax service, it is desirablethoroughly understand how to return 13 percent for studying. If you miss a document, then the amount due to you will not be compensated. So, the list of required securities includes the following:

  • a completed declaration;
  • a statement for the tax service on compensation;
  • information on wages issued under the special form of 2-NDFL;
  • a contract with an educational institution in which paid services are prescribed;
  • receipts, payment orders or other documents that can confirm the payment of education.

If you file a tax deduction foreducation of children, a certificate is needed that confirms the day-to-day form of education, the birth certificate of the child (or the document on the appointment of guardianship). When paying for tuition of brothers or sisters, you need to confirm your relationship.

Important nuances

Get 13 percent for studying

If you want to figure out how to get back 13percent for the study, before going to the tax, then you can simply download the program on the official website of the Federal Tax Service to fill out the declaration, and independently find out whether you are entitled to compensation. If so, then you can start collecting documents.

Please note that the payer indicated in the paymentinstruction or receipt, should be the person who will file a tax deduction. Otherwise, the tax may not refund it. Also, you need to know that submitting receipts for tuition before the end of the tax period is pointless. You only need to provide documents at the place of your registration. By the way, the amounts paid for tuition not only in the higher educational institution are subject to return. Compensate for paid garden, school and secondary technical training.

In addition, be prepared for what you cando not return the full amount you are counting on. The amount of the reimbursed tax benefit depends not only on how much you spent. Equally important is the amount that was paid from your income to the budget as taxes.

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