The coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory. Coat of arms of Krasnodar and Krasnodar region

Favorite land where a person is born orlives, acquires special significance for him. The ancients believed that the love of the Motherland is akin to the adoration of the mother who gives life. Therefore, people tried to create special symbols in which they reflected the originality of their land: wealth, courage of indigenous people, a brilliant history of the region's formation. The coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory is a whole history of the fertile land, imprinted on the canvas.

coat of arms of Krasnodar Territory

A bit of history

1860 was marked for Russia by the transferlands of the glorious Black Sea Army in the Kuban region, the center of which was the city of Ekaterinodar. This event caused the need to create a unique coat of arms for the region. The prototype of the modern symbol was the approved coat of arms of the capital of the region of the 1867 sample. At that time, there was a specialized system of building state symbols, which was developed by Baron Kene. According to the rules, the center of the coat of arms should not have more than three items. Therefore, the coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory was an image of the fortress wall with wide openings and Cossack regalia, which were placed between the two turrets. The Imperial Eagle changed its location - from the wall of the building it moved to the head of the emblem. And on the chest of the bird was now located not the Moscow coat of arms, but the so-called Caucasian cross.

The urban design of the new coat of arms was different fromregional style of jewelry: instead of wheat ears, which framed the shield, put oak branches. The greenery of the tree was braided with Alexander's ribbon. And, of course, the symbolism was not without the banners of high-ranking and revered rulers: these are four banners with the monograms of the emperors Nicholas I, Alexander I, Paul I and Empress Catherine II. Monograms are depicted in the form of a wreath, which is decorated with laurel and oak branches. The shield was crowned with an obligatory subject for all areas - the ancient royal crown, and above it the standard of Emperor Alexander II developed.

Heraldic description of the symbol

The coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory was officially approvedJanuary 31, 1874. His official description accurately gives us a picture that corresponds to the main symbol of the Kuban region: "On the green shield rises a golden battlement with two round turrets. The gate is open and framed by black seams. Above the tower stands a golden feather between two silver bunchuk with gilded points. The head of the shield is decorated with a black Imperial eagle, on whose chest the Caucasian cross. At the head of the shield - the ancient royal crown and ornaments from oak sheets, connected by a ribbon of Alexander (emperor). In the background, there are four cross-stained banners with monograms. "

coat of arms of Krasnodar and Krasnodar Territory

Modern changes

In 1995 the Legislative AssemblyKrasnodar Territory approved the official drawing and a detailed description of the boundary symbols. However, in 1996, according to the decree on the State Heraldic Register, a question arose about the official registration of the coat of arms of the region. Here, and all the significant flaws of the previously approved symbol "surfaced".

It was necessary to bring the coat of arms of Krasnodar andKrasnodar Territory in accordance with the requirements of the rules of heraldry, for this purpose in 2002 a special commission was created. Tough work and correspondence took place, which lasted more than 2 years (with the presidential council on the history and formation of the region). Discussed all the elements of the coat of arms, and each was taken a separate decision. But the result was disappointing - in connection with a number of reasons to accept the coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory as a whole is not possible.

Causes of discrepancies in the symbols

The whole point is that the Krasnodar Territory isa subject of the Russian Federation and a territorial entity that is part of the Russian Federation and can not contain an ornament of the emblem with the symbols of the royal crown and the golden branches of the oak framed by the Alexander ribbon. Even in pre-revolutionary times in the heraldry these elements were clearly associated with the arms of the owners, who emphasized the absolute absence of sovereignty. That is, the arms owners openly declared full subordination of the supreme authority of the emperor. That is why the coat of arms and the flag of the Krasnodar Territory can not contain this attribute, since the province is a sovereign entity within the federal state.

coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory photo

The new life of the old coat of arms

After numerous discussions it was acceptedthe decision to amend the image of the coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory. Instead of the red (scarlet) tape, it was proposed to depict two ribbons of the Order of Lenin, which will be connected under a shield in a bow.

Banners and standards with monograms of emperors,which were awarded to the Kuban Cossacks as a reward for their valiant service to the Fatherland, will invariably be left unchanged as a reminder of the valiant history of the people. Experts say that if the region subsequently receives the highest state awards, their symbols will be included in the official picture. But the main stylistics and images in the form of a gold fortress with gates on a gilded field, and a black imperial eagle carrying a Caucasian cross, will remain unchanged. It is a symbol of the border region of the Russian Federation, but at the same time a statement about the peacefulness and hospitality of the people.

the coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory

Keeping Traditions

Despite the fact that the heraldic commissionrecommended removing all symbols of the empire, an agreement was reached on some details of the image. The coat of arms of Krasnodar and the Krasnodar Territory will contain the prince's crown (cap). It will be a reflection of the history of the ancient Russian principality of Tmutarakansky with its center in modern Taman, which is located on the territory of the Kuban Territory. Also, the sizes of the standards in the emblem will be changed, the shape of the banner itself.

A modern kind of symbolism

A modern description of the coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory,which is changed in accordance with the laws of heraldry: "A green shield with a gold crenellated wall, framed in black." Two round towers and a wide gate. "Between the towers comes a gilded perch, on the sides there are two silver bunchuk with points on gold-plated shafts.The head of the shield is decorated with a two-headed Eagle with a golden beak and a red tongue, on the heads of which is the imperial crown.On the chest of the bird there is the Caucasian cross.For the shield there are the azure banners with the gilded monogram of the emperors.The standards are decorated with fringes, brushes and gold. t crowned escutcheon. "

coat of arms and the flag of Krasnodar Territory

Meaning of symbols

Note that the coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory, the photo of which you can see in this article, is not just an image - each subject has its own meaning and deep meaning:

  • The green field is a symbol of the abundance of the Kuban open spaces, a hope for a bright and rich future.
  • Expanded gates - peace and hospitality of the people.
  • Pernach is a symbol of power.
  • A pair of Bunchuk - a symbol of the Cossacks of the Kuban.
  • The Black Eagle is a memory of the time when this land was given to Cossacks Catherine II.
  • The Caucasian cross - this symbol reminds of the final joining of the Kuban to the Russian Empire.
  • The prince's crown-crown is a memory of the glorious times of the prince's rule of the ancient Tmutarakan kingdom.
  • Banners and standards with monograms - a reminder of valiant Cossack warriors, who showed themselves well in the defense of the southern borders of the empire. Gratitude for the courage of the people.

the coat of arms of the Krasnodar Territory


Our ancestors always revered the symbols of theirlands, keeping sacred traditions and recalling past exploits. Therefore, it is so important to preserve the coat of arms, which will tell about the glorious history of the Kuban Territory - the land of fertility and courageous Cossacks.

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