Stray dogs: where to go to Moscow?

More and more often, the townspeople ask themselves whereask about catching stray dogs. The problem of this kind is not only in the capital, but in many regions of the country. Abandoned dogs are forced to get their own food on trash cans, to live in yards. This causes resentment in many tenants of apartment buildings. If in your yard feel like stray dogs, where to go? How to deal with this phenomenon? We will understand in more detail.

stray dogs where to go

Owners of the territory

To catch stray dogs began in the XIX century. At that time, the capture measures were very cruel. The further fate of the tetrapods was predetermined - they were simply killed. The modern world behaves towards animals more humanely. Government agencies allocate millions of budget funds to keep animals in the nurseries and their sterilization. To some extent, it helps to cope with the situation, but it is not possible to completely get rid of them. Growth of street animals goes not only in a natural way. Unfortunately, many careless masters simply throw their pets out on the street. Although their number is only 1% of all stray animals, the fact remains.

Stray dogs in the city are aa serious threat to the inhabitants. They dwell most often in places where people are: markets, landfills, garbage bays. It is here that stray dogs feel like owners of the territory. Where to go to protect yourself in such cases, we will tell further.

Territories where you can make good money, dogsquickly mark and protect their places of exasperation by all means. When invading strangers can even pounce. This dangerous phenomenon is spread throughout the city.

The Dangers of Stray Dogs

 where to go about stray dogs

Dogs breed in large cities, feel themselvesfree, as for them there is an excellent food base: containers with garbage, as well as compassionate tenants, feeding them. So it becomes necessary to catch stray dogs. Where to go - many people are interested.

Homeless dogs are the carriers of dangerousmany of them are fatal. The list includes more than 45 diseases. You can get infected even by feeding a stray dog, and in fact many dogs freely enter the entrances, contact people.

As a toilet, homeless animals often use children's sandboxes, which subsequently makes them unsuitable for children.

Whole flocks of dogs are exterminated in forest park areasdifferent animals, which violates the megacity of the ecosystem. Cases of attacks of stray dogs on people have become more frequent, even deaths have been fixed. A special danger from dogs threatens children and pregnant women who can not stand up for themselves. Often dogs become carriers of such a terrible disease as rabies.

All these facts point to the necessity of catching dogs and controlling the number of wandering livestock, their sterilization and placement in animal shelters.

What to do? Where can I complain about stray dogs in Moscow?

 many stray dogs where to go

Since it is necessary to act in cases, if in the yardDo not give a pass stray dogs? Any parent will want to secure his child's way to school and home. Let's consider a similar situation in Moscow. Where to go for stray dogs, if any, in your area. Who is responsible in the capital for control of the number of homeless animals?

Questions on catching dogs are dealt with by specialistsThe fauna, which is in each prefecture of the administrative district. They, in turn, should receive a statement from the tenants of the house, who demand to take measures to catch dogs in their yard.

The service for catching dogs responds in a timely manner andissues an order for catching and sterilization to the contracting firm. The entire period of response to the application takes about three weeks. First of all, females and most aggressive dogs are caught. They are taken to a special nursery, where they are sterilized. After 10 days they are returned to the same place. There is an opinion that sterile dogs are less aggressive.

If in the statement tenants indicate that the most aggressive dogs are not returned, they are placed in shelters for pets or released in another locality.

How to file a complaint?

flock of stray dogs where to go

Undoubtedly, if a stray dog ​​is worriedany one person, hardly anyone will solve this problem. First of all, it is necessary to write a collective complaint from residents and collect signatures. The paper must be sent to the district administration. Further, the application will be reviewed by the employees of the housing complex and transferred to the service for catching dogs, if any, in the city. It happens that specialists send a counter letter requesting a more detailed presentation of the case. At the indicated address, a representative of the administration travels to the residents and collects their complaints in writing. Further on the commission the question is considered and the decision is made, whether the situation carries a danger in itself and how it should be neutralized. Time for consideration of the application should not exceed three weeks.

Further employees of the service organize an outfit,a task is set for catching dogs. A representative of the housing complex takes part in the procedure, which will make a note about the event. So, if we have overcome stray dogs, where to turn, we found out. Well, what if the commission did not take a positive decision on your application?

If the complaint does not respond

Many modern housing complexes(administration) believe that catching stray dogs is not part of their range of activities. More often such problem costs in small cities. In Moscow, this issue is being addressed more seriously, and most residents know where to turn about stray dogs.

If your application is not reviewed, not acceptedmeasures, in no case do not fight with stray dogs yourself. This can lead to unpredictable consequences. You can cause irreparable harm to your own health. In case of punishment for dogs you may be held accountable for the cruel treatment of animals. If after three weeks the measures are not taken by the services, write the complaint again. In case of unsuccessful repeated attempts, write an application to the regional administration with a complaint about the employees of their housing complex that they do not perform their duties. The complaint must be registered and accepted for execution.

Dog catching

 where to apply with a complaint to stray dogs

Modern methods used to capturehomeless animals, in many respects differ from those used in the last century, they are more humane. It is not necessary to engage in catching on your own, if the prefecture is idle, and a lot of stray dogs have divorced in the yard. Where to apply in this case? Will help professionals. You can call a specialized service that works around the clock. Address in Moscow: Stromynka, Building 19, Building 2, Metro "Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad". Many residents agree to paid services, so as not to wait for their issue to be solved free of charge, which takes a long time.

How are specialists engaged in catching? They use a rifle with a dart. After the shot, the dog slowly falls to the ground, slowly falls asleep. After that, the animal is moved to a special transport and delivered to the nursery. The vet examines all animals. Healthy sterilize, then a few days later they return to the place where they caught. The euthanasia procedure is performed only for sick animals. This measure is compulsory, as sick, aggressive dogs are in fact a menace. Every year thousands of complaints of bitten people for medical help are registered, several dozen cases result in death. Wild dogs get into packs and do not let tenants feel safe in the territory of their dwelling. In emergency cases, people even turn to the police for help.

Fighting the pack

where to go if in the courtyard stray dogs

Everyone knows that dogs live in large packs. Of course, that the whole flock is much more difficult to catch than one individual. Therefore, if a whole pack of stray dogs reigns in the yard, where to turn - the question is acute. Free services are most often caught by two or three dogs and on this believe that their mission is completed. In addition, dogs often run up as soon as they catch danger. And then find them more difficult. Moreover, it remains unclear whether the dogs were caught, on which the tenants wrote the complaint. As a result, it turns out that the dogs remain unclear and are still dangerous to others. Now they are several times more cautious and do not let people come close to themselves. Hunters in these cases do not touch them. "Light" dogs that do not run away, catch much easier and then report on the work done. Often a whole flock of caught dogs are reluctantly accepted in shelters, because there is a limited number of places. It happens that animals are simply released in another area.

In such cases it is better to contact paidspecialized companies for the capture of animals. There professionals have in their arsenal a lot of worked-out ways how to catch a whole flock of active, aggressive dogs. After catching, they are placed on a 10-day quarantine. Animals are inspected and sorted.

What happens to the dogs then?

Only a few years ago,just shot. Now there are alternative methods, there are several ways to eliminate homeless animals, and residents know where to go if there are stray dogs in the yard. Possible solutions:

  • First of all, animals must be removed fromurban environment. Special services catch dogs in yards and take them to special shelters. After a certain period of time unclaimed animals can be put to sleep.
  • Another, more humane option is sterilization of animals. After that they are released again in a few days. There is an opinion that after the sterilization the dogs lose their aggressiveness.
  • There are regions where, after all, dogs are caught, taken out of the city and shot.

The fight against stray dogs is stillcomplex complex of a number of measures, and one should not take them independently. For this, there are special organizations, as well as professional firms that deal with these issues.

Urgent case

Where to go about catching stray dogs,if the case is urgent? If you contact the police, then remember that the guards do not have any gear to catch. Against the dog they have only the service weapon.

Where to go if stray dogs attack? It will be more effective to call professionals from the paid service. They have everything you need - strikes, traps, darts. Each employee has been training for three months and knows how quickly to cope with the task. Catching will be rapid, minimally traumatic for the animal and for others. Do not wait for an aggressive dog to attack someone, call for service ahead of time. Such applications are accepted as a priority. There are several professional trapping services in Moscow, one of them is located at 12 Koshkin Street, Building 2.

 where to go about catching stray dogs

Recommendations for the capture of animals

What to do with stray dogs, where to gofor help, we figured it out. And what recommendations are given on the training to specialists on catching dogs? There are specially developed recommendations of the OWHC that must be observed during catching, then during transportation and when animals are kept.

  • Pedigree dogs can not be caught if they have a collar around their necks. This indicates their ownership of the host.
  • Humanity is the main condition for the capture of animals. The same principle is observed when transporting dogs to the nursery.
  • All animal catchers must be vaccinated to avoid getting infected with rabies.
  • Before catching it is necessary to make sure that the animal is on the street without the owner.
  • A shot is produced only if the target is in line of sight. Ricochet is inadmissible.

Hunters are prohibited

There are also prohibitive items for animal catchers:

  • You can not start catching if there are juveniles near the place.
  • It is forbidden to assign dogs, and also sell to others, organizations.
  • The dose for immobilization is accurately calculated and should not exceed the norm.
  • Lures and other means are used only in consultation with veterinarians.
  • Immobilization shooting is prohibited in places where there are people in narrow rooms, in poor lighting.
  • Animals should not be in transport for more than 4 hours.
  • Animals are not allowed to be transported near corpses.

After catching, all instruments and vehicles are disinfected.

Stray dogs. Where to go in Moscow

Below are the addresses of specialists in the fauna in the Moscow districts. Here you can turn to the questions of catching animals:

  • Eastern AO - Preobrazhenskaya Ploshchad, 9.
  • Western AO - Ivan Franko Street, 12.
  • North-East JSC - Prospekt Mira, 18.
  • North-Western JSC - Svobody street, 13-2.
  • Southeast JSC - Aviamotornaya street, 10.
  • South-Western AO - Sevastopolsky Avenue, 28 building 4.
  • Southern AO - Avtozavodskaya street, 10.
  • Central AO - 21 Vorontsovskaya Street.
  • Northern AO - Timiryazevskaya street, 27.
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