Green tea - good and bad for the body

Green tea was used as an invigoratingand a useful drink for a long time, and he appeared initially in China. In Europe, tea was imported as far back as the beginning of the 17th century, but widely spread much later. A century and a half after the green English dealers brought in black tea, which has since become widely used by Europeans. On the properties of tea, you can talk a lot about what green tea is, the benefits and harm it has for the body are written whole treatises.

Fresh leaves of the plant initially have a greenThe color that changes under the influence of moisture and air. In the process of fermentation, the leaves darken and produce black tea. Experts argue that it is better to drink green tea, the benefits and harms are from both species depending on the amount of the drink and the quality of its brewing. To properly brew tea and get the most benefit from it, you need to consider some important points. The main thing is not to brew tea with steep boiling water, this deprives him of almost all the useful properties.

Many people like green tea with milk - benefit fromThis partnership is not entirely unambiguous. This drink is more nutritious, especially if you add honey to it, and its exciting effect is noticeably reduced, so you can drink it to those who have heart problems. But here we must take into account that it is necessary to pour the already brewed tea in a cup of milk, and not vice versa. It should be drunk in the morning, in the evening it is not very desirable, since it has a diuretic effect.

Green tea has, of course, manyuseful properties. It removes heavy metals and radionuclides from the body, contains vitamin C, and in large quantities, improves the condition of the hair and nails due to the presence of zinc. Calcium, which is in tea, strengthens the bones, improves the condition of the nails. The one who drinks a few cups of this wonderful drink a day, knows what green tea is. The benefits and harms from it are purely individual.

Green tea is useful for people suffering frompoor vision, as it contains provitamin A. Also scientists have proved that this popular drink prevents the development of tumors and reduces the likelihood of developing hypertension and brain thrombi. But we must not forget that pregnant women should not drink it at all, and strong tea is harmful to patients with hypertension.

Very often we take tea in bags,so it is more convenient to use it in office conditions, but I must say that the benefits of green tea in bags are much less than the leaf. There is no guarantee that in the bag we are offered a good and quality tea - anything can be put there. In this regard, all the useful properties of tea are questioned from such packaging.

Those who like tea drinking, it is necessary to know that notYou can always drink green tea. Benefits and harm here go on the edge of thin ice. For example, on an empty stomach to drink tea is harmful, since it can irritate the gastric mucosa. You can not combine tea with taking alcohol. You can not drink tea with a pill and do not use it with milk. A large amount of tea can lead to a heart rhythm disturbance, and if you drink it in the evening, you can lose sleep.

But if you brew tea properly and drink it inmoderate amounts - the benefits of it, of course, are invaluable to the body. There is information that green tea is able to lower the amount of sugar in the blood and noticeably improve blood coagulability. With flu and colds, it gives anti-inflammatory and antiviral effect, helps with dysbacteriosis, improves complexion and makes the vessels more elastic. Green tea is often drunk for weight loss, as it speeds up metabolism and allows better removal of fats from the body. However, we must remember that the main thing is to observe the measure, and you will get the maximum benefit from this wonderful drink.

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