Treatment of cones on legs. Available methods

bumps on the feet
With the onset of middle age in womenquite often there is an unpleasant problem - deformation of the big toe occurs, which leads to the formation of so-called "cones". They bring with them not only various inconveniences (impossibility to wear shoes of their size, development of complexes due to the arising constraint, etc.), but also constant pain, which can be so strong that it is almost impossible to step on the foot. Usually the tumor is directed to the inner side of the leg (with the thumb leaning outwards), but in rare cases there are cones on the feet (the thumb is deflected upwards). This is much faster leads to even more serious consequences.

The causes of cones on the legs, up tothe end is not studied. Cases of outgrowth in cases of abnormalities in the endocrine system, in the occurrence of flat feet, in injuries or in wearing uncomfortable shoes were noted. Do not discount the genetic factors. But, fortunately, the owners of this disease, the treatment of cones on the legs is possible at almost any age and at any degree of deformation. This is achieved in several ways: with the help of orthopedic adaptations, surgical intervention and folk remedies.

bumps on legs are treated with folk remedies
The most accessible and widespread way -treatment of cones on the legs with the help of special orthopedic inserts for shoes. Of course, such treatment does not guarantee a 100% disposal of the deformity that has arisen. But, at least, it can prevent its further development and provide practically painless movement without outside help.

Surgical treatment of cones on the legs inmost cases are not welcome. This is because the bulk of the operations are based either on the grinding of the protruding bone, or on the complete removal of its protruding portion. In both cases, the patient leaves the clinic with restrictions in the movements. In the first case, pain may remain for the rest of your life, and besides this, there is a very high risk of serious injury or re-occurrence of the disease, and in the second case, the thumb is held only on the skin. Positive results can be only after a number of plastic operations, including not only the removal of the "cone," but also the removal of flatfoot by moving the tendons.

treatment of cones on legs
Treatment of cones on the legs with the help ofalternative medicine can only temporarily remove pain and inflammation in the joint. With the deformation of the joint itself, it can not cope, and in some cases leads to complications. Therefore, those who have pronounced painful cones on their feet, treatment with folk remedies will not help. And for recovery they should contact the clinic.

Each of the presented methods has its ownadvantages, and disadvantages. And only as a result of a number of complex and lengthy operations it is possible to get rid of the problem. Therefore, one should never forget that the best treatment of cones on the feet is the timely prevention of their occurrence. To do this, you must follow several rules:

  • wear only comfortable shoes;
  • to hold daily sessions of massage and gymnastics for feet;
  • if you have a problem, contact your orthopedic doctor right away.
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