Can there be an allergy to watermelon in children and adults?

Everyone is looking forward to the end of the summer toEnjoy this juicy and tasty berry. Looking at the photo of watermelon, can there be an allergy to it, few people think. However, sometimes even the most harmless foods can cause a person to have an atypical reaction. Therefore, before buying such natural fruits, you should carefully study information about them.

can there be an allergy to watermelon

Is it possible to be allergic to watermelon?

First of all, it should be noted that in this berrycontains up to 95% water. It is thanks to this watermelon has diuretic properties. In addition, it contains ascorbic acid, vitamin B, fiber and folic acid.

Based on this, it can be concluded thatwhether to be allergic to watermelon. The fact is that the human immune system can respond to any of these components. If the body considers these substances to be alien, then it will begin to fight them, producing special antibodies.

That's why sometimes after eating a delicious berries a person has an allergic reaction.

In addition, when growing this culture is oftenNitrates and other chemicals are used that are used to quickly ripen fruits and extend their shelf life. Thus, speaking about whether a watermelon can cause an allergy, it is necessary to take into account not only the natural composition of the berries, but also additives, which are now widely used in the cultivation of various crops.

Causes of allergies

According to the research of specialists, most oftenan allergic reaction occurs in the case of individual intolerance to wormwood or ragweed pollen. As a rule, these plants are always located near the watermelon plantations. Therefore, there is a high probability that the pollen of these crops can settle on the outer part of huge berries or soak up their flesh. If a large number of these components enter the body, this can lead to an unpleasant reaction.

is it allergic to watermelon?

About whether there can be an allergy to watermelon, it is worththink about those who suffer from disruption of the digestive system. At a pancreatitis, a dysbacteriosis, a gastritis and other diseases the food getting to an organism, digests not completely. Because of this toxins and slags begin to accumulate, which leads to possible sensitization.

Also, unpleasant reactions occur in people suffering from allergies to:

  • tomatoes, aubergines, black and red peppers;
  • melon, cucumber, squash and zucchini;
  • sunflower seeds and products made from it.


The first symptom of the disease is manifestedalmost immediately after eating sweet berries. Therefore, you can quickly determine whether there is an allergy to watermelon in children or adults. It should be taken into account that such a reaction is possible only for fresh berries. If the flesh has undergone thermal treatment, then all allergens are destroyed.

Among the main symptoms are:

  • Itching and tingling on the mucous membrane of the larynx (including tongue and lips). In the throat can start very hard.
  • Attacks of sneezing and increased mucus formation in the nasal cavity.
  • Redness of the eyes, reminiscent of conjunctivitis.
  • Hives. Blisters and redness appear on the skin.

is there an allergy to watermelon in children

Besides this, talking about whether there can be an allergyon watermelon, it is worth considering that among the symptoms of manifestations of such a reaction, sometimes an increase in body temperature, headaches and general weakness.

How the disease manifests in infants

This berry is not recommended for children under 1 year. However, even if the parents do not feed the baby with watermelon, they can get it with the mother's milk. On the other hand, lactating women are recommended to eat watermelon, because it contains a large number of useful components. Therefore, you need to closely monitor the health of the baby.

If after eating a child begins to experience discomfort, colic, his cheeks turn red, and redness appears on the skin, then this delicacy should be excluded from the diet.

Can there be an allergy to watermelon in young children?

In this case, allergic reactions also havea place. Most often after eating berries, children begin to suffer from skin rashes, the foci of which appear on the limbs, chest and cheeks. Just like infants, babies may develop stomach cramps. In addition, some complain of nausea and diarrhea.

can watermelon cause allergy

In children, allergic reactions always occur in a more acute form than in adults. In this case, the child can become very moody, there is sluggishness and deterioration of sleep.

Before you include a delicious berries in the diet,It is not only necessary to determine whether an allergy to a watermelon is in the child, but also that nitrates are often used in the cultivation of this culture. In a not fully formed body, they can be absorbed much worse.

How does the disease manifest in adults?

Allergic reactions can be not onlychildren. Although the body of an adult person is highly resistant, it does not mean that a delicious berry can not harm him. He can also suffer from rather unpleasant symptoms. If after eating food, there are pain in the abdomen, gas formation and skin rashes, then it is probably a natural dessert.

However, talking about whether a watermelon can causean allergy in an adult, it is worth considering that all these symptoms can be the cause of a number of other diseases. Therefore, in case of discomfort, it is worthwhile to consult a specialist and listen to his opinion.


To determine if a person is allergic to watermelon, the doctor takes special skin tests from the patient.

can there be an allergy to watermelon photo

For self-diagnosis, you need to tryPut a slice of the melon pulp to the skin on the inside of the elbow. If the skin has redness, then the sweet berries should be discarded. It is also worthwhile to monitor your well-being. If it worsens after drinking watermelon, then this may indicate an allergy.


First of all, it is necessary to exclude this fruitfrom their diet. Usually, this is quite enough for the symptomatology to pass. If the unpleasant sensations do not disappear, then the specialists prescribe the following drugs:

  • Antihistamines. Means of this category help quickly get rid of itching, swelling, respiratory manifestations and skin rashes. Among such drugs, the most popular are Suprastin and Zirtek.
  • Means of local influence. Such preparations include agents based on cromoglycic acid. Spray "Kromoglin" allows you to quickly get rid of allergic rhinitis. If the disease manifests itself in the form of conjunctivitis, it is better to use a drop called "Kromogeksal." When developing bronchospasm, "Intal" aerosol is suitable.
  • Hormonal. Drugs of this category are recommended to be used only if other methods of treatment have proved ineffective. In this case it is recommended to use tablets "Prednisolone". With reddening of the skin, doctors prescribe the "Elokom" ointment.
  • Enterosorbents. Preparations of this group are aimed at neutralizing the toxins accumulated in the body. These agents contribute to the faster removal of allergens. In order to get rid of allergic reaction and unpleasant symptoms, it is recommended to use activated charcoal. Breasts are prescribed "Smektu".

is it possible to be allergic to watermelon?

Buy drugs without priorconsultation with a doctor is not recommended. The specialist should conduct diagnostic studies, only on the basis of them he will be able to select the necessary dose of medication for a particular patient.

Also, experts recommend to adhere to special diets and exclude from the diet a number of components.

What foods to eat during the treatment?

To exclude from the diet it is necessary:

  • oranges;
  • celery;
  • bananas;
  • papaya;
  • peaches;
  • tomatoes;
  • avocado;
  • kiwi.

In the diet should try to enter as possiblemore vegetables, which contain fiber. Also, experts recommend daily use of quality sour-milk products. Thanks to such nutrition, the intestines will be cleaned faster.

can watermelon cause allergy in an adult

After that, you need to eat watermelons very muchCaution. Pregnant women should not enter the diet of watermelons, the cultivation of which used nitrates and other chemical stimulators for the growth of fruits and vegetables.

In case of acute reaction to the sweetThe berry needs to call the ambulance as soon as possible. In some situations, an allergy can cause anaphylactic shock and Quincke's edema, which is fatal.

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