Why does the big toe grow numb? We find out the reasons

Feeling numbness of the thumb on the leg -the phenomenon is not pleasant, especially if it is accompanied by burning or tingling. If these symptoms occur regularly, then you need to look for the cause of their occurrence. We devote this article to the study of this issue. So, the topic of the conversation is "Why is the thumb on your leg is numb? " We understand the causes of this phenomenon together.

why the big toe does not grow dumb


One of the reasons why the thumb grows numblegs, can be wearing tight shoes or boots. When a person moves, the feet are poured and slightly enlarged in size. If at this time on the foot tightly seated shoes, it will necessarily press on the fingers, especially on the big one. The feeling of discomfort and numbness can arise both immediately during walking, and later, when the person takes off his shoes. When buying shoes with a closed front, pay attention to the fact that there is enough space in the area of ​​the toe for fingers.


In the occurrence of this phenomenon on the legs alsoto blame shoes, matched not in size. Why does the big toe grow numb? In this case - due to deformation of the skin and muscle. If you do not give timely attention to the elimination of this problem, then the feeling of numbness will develop into burning pain. If you notice the first signs of burrs on the feet, immediately change your shoes to a more suitable one.


This may be the reason whythe thumb on the leg is numb. Not always the symptoms of a fracture appear immediately. You stumbled or hit a foot, endured a couple of minutes of pain and went on your own. After a few hours, my fingers began to grow dull. This is the signal that you need to see a doctor. Perhaps you have a fracture of the joint of the finger.

Various diseases

The reason why the thumb on the leg is numb, may be one of the following ailments.

why the big toe grows dumb

  • Neuroma - inflammation of the tissue, swelling of the nerve in the toes. In addition to numbness, the symptoms of this disease are burning, a feeling of tightening the skin, itching.
  • Diabetes. The course of this disease can be accompanied by the appearance of wounds and ulcers on the fingers.
  • Disease of arterial vessels on the legs. This ailment provokes a disruption in the functioning of the circulatory system, a weakening of pressure in the limbs, and this leads to the dumbness of the thumb of the right leg and left one.
  • Deficiency in the body of vitamin B12. The lack of this element provokes the manifestation of such sensations: fatigue, general weakness, disruption of the heart, numbness of fingers and toes.
  • Deviations in the features of the development of the foot. Flat feet, a large rise of the foot can be the reason why the thumb on the leg is numb. Avoiding or at least relieving the manifestation of this problem can be wearing comfortable orthopedic shoes, performing special physical exercises.

the big toe of the right foot grows numb


The toes, like other parts of the body, need care. Foot massage, gymnastics, water procedures will help you to keep limbs healthy.

Going to the salon of shoes, first of all, do not think about the beauty and pretentiousness of the model, but about its convenience. Legs, shod in new shoes, should be comfortable.

At regular displays of sensation of a numbness in fingers of legs or foots address for consultation to experts-physicians.

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