Cigarettes "Rotmans" - English quality at an affordable price

Rothmans is one of the oldest English brands. The quality of tobacco has been tested for years, and in the Russian market this product has attracted the attention of many consumers. About why Rothmans products are so popular in our country, you will learn in this article.

Cigarettes "Rotmans" - the history of the brand

In modern times, most people who smokestrives to find a balance between the quality of tobacco and its price. Among the huge type of tobacco brands, this is not easy to do. That "Rotmans" offers a premium level at an adequate price. In Russia, these cigarettes first appeared in the 90s of the twentieth century. However, the very first Rothmans products have been produced in London since 1952. And now the company's products can be purchased more than in 70 countries around the world. For all time, the products of the English brand have not lost the quality of used tobacco, which can be confirmed by numerous reviews of consumers around the world.

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To buy products of Rothmans trademark inshops of our country can be from 60 to 100 rubles per pack. Few people know that such a low price is due to the opening of the Russian plant "Rotmans" in the city of Saratov. This made it possible to make cigarettes available to a wide range of consumers.

Types of Rothmans cigarettes

On the shelves of supermarkets can be foundseveral types of English cigarettes, which are very popular among Russian buyers. Depending on the content of nicotine, you can find the following names:

  • Rothmans Filter Tipped, having twelvemilligram of resin, and nicotine - one milligram. This option is usually chosen by smokers with experience, since the cigarettes "Rothmans Demi" Filter Tipped have a strong enough taste of this premium tobacco.
  • Rothmans Special Mild, which contain eight milligrams of resin and 0.6 milligrams of nicotine. Such cigarettes are often chosen by women, because they are produced in the Super Slim format.

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The classic form of packaging makes cigarettesrecognizable among a wide variety of producers. At the same time, Rothmans brand does not change its traditions and uses its authentic logo for more than 60 years.

Cigarettes "Rotmans": reviews of real consumers

Judging the quality of a tobacco product can only be based on the experience of customers. The same goes for the production of the old English brand with a worldwide reputation.

Cigarettes "Rotmans", according to consumers,have an excellent value for money. After all, with the opening of the plant in Russia, a premium-class tobacco product became available to everyone. However, according to some users, the quality of cigarettes of English and domestic production is significantly different. It is difficult to say unequivocally, the manufacturer uses the same raw material when manufacturing, or replaces it with a cheaper analog. But the consumers themselves prove that the reputation of Rothmans cigarettes began to fall.

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In any case, one can not deny the unique tasteoriginal products of the English brand Rothmans. After all, it is distinguished by its elegance, aristocracy and special elegance. Perhaps, that is why Rothmans cigarettes have gained special popularity among admirers of tobacco products.

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