Why does he take a finger on his leg?

Quite often people face a problemthe one that reduces the toe. Agree, this is not only painful, but also very inconvenient. By the way, polls of patients confirmed that this state is often observed at night, interfering with normal and healthy sleep. In fact, it reduces the cramp of the fingers for completely different reasons. But in any case, it is worth remembering that with such a problem you need to immediately seek medical help.

Why does it reduce the toes?

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Certainly, they face such inconveniencemany people. However, quite often cramps and numbness are the result of wearing uncomfortable shoes. For example, most often such complaints come from women constantly wearing shoes with a narrow toe in high heels. The fact is that this design, although it looks nice, but does not contribute to normal circulation of the feet. In addition, it reduces the finger on the foot and the professional athletes and dancers, the muscles of the feet of which are regularly subjected to extreme loads. As an example, you can bring dancers, football players, runners, etc. If you belong to one of these groups, then such a problem can be considered natural. In order to ease your condition, give up uncomfortable "hairpins" and regularly look after your legs.

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Reduces a finger on the foot due to a sedentary lifestyle

Yes, athletes are at risk. But on the other hand, a sedentary lifestyle also often leads to a similar problem. Of course, constant bed rest or sedentary work is fraught with a violation of the normal flow of the feet. This is why, over time, numbness appears, or muscle cramps are felt. The way out is regular gymnastics, morning jogging or going to the gym.

Reduces a finger on the foot due to a lack of useful substances

why does it take my fingers

If you are not professionalathletes, do not often wear uncomfortable shoes and can not call your lifestyle sedentary, then, probably, in your diet there is not enough of some minerals and vitamins. In particular, cramps result in a shortage of the following substances:

  • Magnesium is a mineral that is necessary for normal muscle function. It is found in foods such as bananas, beans, cereals, fresh herbs, watermelon, spinach.
  • In addition, products containing calcium, in particular fish, milk, sesame, cheese, cottage cheese, almonds, must be an integral part of the diet.
  • Potassium is responsible not only for the work of muscles, but also for the normal conduct of electrical impulses along nerve fibers. This substance is present in bananas, beans, apricots, sea kale, etc.
  • And of course, for normal assimilation of calciumthe body needs vitamin D, which is formed in the skin under the influence of sunlight. An additional amount of this substance can be obtained by consuming seafood and chicken eggs.
  • Unfortunately, normal nutrition is not alwayscan quickly repair the lack of useful substances. That's why experts recommend at least once a year to undergo treatment, taking medications containing all the necessary vitamins and minerals.
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