What can cause a runny nose? Symptoms of complications after a common cold. Sinupret: Instruction

Even the simplest common cold can causeserious consequences. Very often we do not pay attention to what seems to be normal discharge from the nose. But those who are faced with serious consequences of it, knows very well what can lead to a runny nose. And such cases happen quite often.

If the treatment of acute rhinitis is started in time, thenhis symptoms can decrease in a few days. And if it is not treated, but allowed to "drift", in this case, it can acquire a chronic form. And the most dangerous, rhinitis is able to spread to the paranasal sinuses. This can lead to diseases such as frontal or sinusitis, which are much more difficult to cure.

There is an excellent drug that will helpquickly cope with any inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract - this is Sinupret. Its instructions will help you to more closely examine the indications of this drug, and even better to take it as prescribed by the doctor.

If you have a persistent stagnationnose, do not ignore it, as this may be a symptom of rhinitis or rhinosinusitis. The same applies to the state in which it is difficult to breathe "full breast." In such cases, you have to breathe a little with your mouth shut, which is not too comfortable, and the look is not quite attractive at the same time. In addition, your body will not get the right amount of oxygen. When breathing through the mouth, the cells of the body will not be enough for it to live. To get rid of this effectively and easily will help Sinupret, the instruction on which application is attached when buying the drug.

If you feel fast fatigue, youthere is a decrease in immunity, as well as weakness in the muscles, then it is necessary as soon as possible to turn to the doctor. After all, when you can not breathe normally, the air you breathe does not purify and gets directly into the lungs, which can worsen the symptoms of cold and colds, and also cause hypothermia of the throat.

To the above described symptoms should be attributed andthe development of sinusitis, accompanied by a sense of lethargy and constant headaches. At the same time, it becomes almost impossible to breathe, since the nasal mucosa becomes swollen. As a result, mucus can not flow out of the nasal sinuses, which leads to their inflammation.

That is why with nasal congestion necessarilyit is necessary to take steps to get rid of this as soon as possible. This will help to avoid the above complications. That is, first of all you need to remove swelling, so you can easily breathe through your nose. As already mentioned above, Sinupret (the instruction of the drug is described in more detail below) will help cure the tightening of the rhinitis and even sinusitis. This drug has long been used in medicine to combat inflammatory processes of any complexity.

It is best to use Sinupret Drops. The instruction for their use is quite simple: they can be applied in undiluted form inside, adults 50 drops, three times a day; children, the dosage is half as much as 3 times a day; As for children from one year to 5 years - 15 cap. three times a day; for infants - 10 cap. three times a day.

This drug contributes to the flow of mucus, includingnumber and viscous from the paranasal sinuses, and also eliminates the edema of the nasal mucosa. Sinupret, the instructions for use of which is described above, is a herbal remedy, which consists of flowers of primrose and elder, root extract of gentian, and also sorrel grass and other components.


Assign it to patients with chronic and acuterespiratory diseases. And also those who have increased education of viscous sputum. The drug is prescribed for inflammation of the paranasal sinuses, as well as for bronchitis (as part of complex therapy).


With increased sensitivity to its individualcomponents of the drug is not recommended. As for Sinupret in drops, you should not take it with alcohol dependence, as well as liver disease and brain trauma.

If you talk about a dragee, it is not recommended for children under 6 years old, as well as people with intolerance to lactose.

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