How to wear lenses: tips for beginners

Contact lenses are, perhaps, the mosta remarkable means of correcting vision without surgery. Dressing on the front surface of the eye, they tightly fit it and take its shape. Before already familiar glasses contact lenses have a lot of undeniable advantages: they do not limit the field of view, restore the ability to binocular vision, increase its sharpness and protect the eye in trauma. In order to wear comfortable contact lenses and not lead to visual fatigue, reduced visual performance and visual impairment, it is important to know how to properly wear lenses and how to care for them.

Contact lenses require extra care,and a clear observance of the rules that an ophthalmologist will tell you when you issue a prescription for lenses. In addition to how to wear and remove the lens, you can always read the instructions to the lens and solution for them. Regular, proper care of lenses and timely replacement of them - a guarantee of comfortable wearing of lenses without harm to health.

Currently in ophthalmic roomsand salons there are classes for beginners, on which they teach the use of lenses. The first time to dress them you will help a doctor or nurse, as well as tell in detail how to wear the lenses at home. The first few days dressing the lenses will be quite a challenge, since the person's eye is so arranged that, if hit into it, something starts to close spontaneously, preventing you from putting the lens in place. Wearing lenses in the first days can also cause some inconvenience, one needs some time to get used, and others do not experience any discomfort and may even forget that the lenses need to be removed in the evening.

However, a few days will pass, and you and your eyeswill get used to this innovation, how to wear lenses and how to shoot them you will remember the tooth without any hints. And in a couple of months, this process will simply be brought to automatism and become a habitual matter.

The installation and wearing of contact lenses implies strict adherence to a number of rules:

  1. Before you wear the lens, you should wash your hands with soap and dry them with a towel that does not leave fibers on your hands.
  2. We take out the container for storage of contact lenses andwe open it. As a rule, the caps of the container except for the designations R - right eye and L - left eye, differ in color. Thus, the caps of the container with the designation R are blue or green.
  3. We get the lens from the container with the help ofSpecial tweezers with silicone tips and place it on the tip of the index finger. Check if it is turned inside out - in shape it should resemble a bowl with even edges. Then, with the middle finger of the other hand, raise the upper eyelid, and the index finger - remove the lower eyelid.
  4. We install a lens in the lower sector of the eyean apple must be looked up. Then gently lower the eyelid and blink 3-4 times, while the lens will be in place and you should not feel any discomfort.

It is recommended, when wearing lenses to sit at a table,to make it easier to find it if you drop it. Before you wear or remove the lens, check the contents of the container's cells, if the liquid is cloudy and contains particles of dust or dirt, be sure to change it and wash the lens.

Even if the eyesight of both eyes is never equallyconfuse and do not change lenses, in order to avoid confusion, always start to take off and dress the lenses from the same eye, for example, the right one. Try not to touch the inner surface of the lens, if this happens - always flush the lens. For lenses to last longer and maintain their transparency, use only the recommended care products and never wash the lens with plain water. If the lens is loose after removal, do not try to separate it at all - you can damage it. Just put it in a container of liquid.

Consequences when wearing contact lenses

When wearing contact lenses corneal dailyit experiences stress, microtraumas appear on its surface, accompanied by painful symptoms, sensation of a foreign body in the eye, lacrimation and reddening of the conjunctiva. To restore the tissues of the ocular surface, after trauma, as an auxiliary therapy, agents with dexpanthenol, a substance with a regenerating effect on tissues, in particular, Korneregel eye gel, can be used. It has a healing effect due to a maximum concentration of 5% * dexpantenol, and the carbomer it contains prolongs the contact of dexpanthenol with the ocular surface due to the viscous texture. Correleregel persists on the eye for a long time due to the gel-like form, it is convenient in application, it penetrates into the deep layers of the cornea and stimulates the process of regeneration of the epithelium of the superficial tissues of the eye, promotes healing of microtraumas and elimination of pain sensations. The drug is applied in the evening, when the lenses have already been removed.

* 5% -maximum concentration of dexpanthenolamong the eye forms in the Russian Federation. According to the State Register of Medicines, State Medical Products and Organizations (Individual Entrepreneurs) engaged in the manufacture and manufacture of medical devices, as well as from data from open source producers (official sites, publications), April 2017

There are contraindications. It is necessary to read the instructions or consult an expert.

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