What is collagenarium? Reviews of doctors and the principle of the apparatus

collagenarium doctors reviews
Any woman dreams of preserving her youth. In the arsenal of our grandmothers for this were just masks and creams of their own made from various natural ingredients. Science has moved far ahead. And now there is not only a lot of different cosmetics for skin care, but also a large number of devices, devices, procedures, so that every woman at any age could look 10-15 years younger. One of such methods of preserving women's beauty is a device that uses a device called collagenarium. The doctors' comments about him are the most positive. It is possible that many of us have already heard this word. But not everyone understands what it is, how this mechanism works, how it can help to preserve the youth and beauty of our skin. All of these questions can be found here.

What is collagenarium and what is it for?

what is collagenarium
What is collagen and why is it so important forour skin, for certain know many. It is the most important component of any living organism. This is our natural protein, which ensures the strength and elasticity of our skin. Accordingly, the more it is produced in the body, the more beautiful we become. With age, in women, and in men, too, its number is sharply reduced. As a result, the skin becomes thinner, the first wrinkles appear, which eventually become deeper. Modern pharmaceutical and cosmetic industry produces a lot of funds with a high content of collagen. But this is a synthetic artificial protein. Our skin is not good for him. Therefore, the effectiveness of these funds is far from ideal. It is much better that the skin itself produces a sufficient amount of collagen. In this we are able to help a special apparatus using light tubes. It is called "collagenarium". It is a vertical or horizontal booth, equipped with special lamps of different color spectrum.

Principle of operation of the apparatus

How does collagenarium work? The doctors' testimonies attest to its high effectiveness in the fight against aging. The principle of his work is as follows. Lamps of red color during the procedure easily penetrate into the upper layers of the skin, activate the metabolism here, resulting in several times increased production of elastin and collagen. Thus, a natural mechanism of regeneration and rejuvenation is launched. This procedure is one of the methods of light therapy. It is absolutely safe and does not have any side effects.

The benefits of collagen

collagen lamps
As a result of such a light therapy, the skinSmoothes out, wrinkles disappear, the complexion improves, "old" pigment spots disappear. Together with various cosmetic preparations containing hyaluronic acid, you should use collagenarium. The doctors' comments say the same. In this case, the effect of skin rejuvenation will be much more noticeable. These procedures will make any woman irresistible.

Collagenarium: reviews of doctors

As mentioned above, specialists are positivespeak about this technology of skin rejuvenation. They say that for the appearance of a noticeable and persistent effect it is necessary to use this procedure for at least 8 weeks. This is the time it takes for the skin to fully recover. The exposure time of the lamps at the beginning of the course should not exceed 10 minutes. By the end of the cycle, it can be increased to 20 minutes. Also, doctors warn that during the procedure should protect the eyes and mammary glands. There are also a number of contraindications to the use of this mechanism. Therefore, the consultation of a doctor before using the method will not hurt anyone.

We found out why we are so important collagen andhow with the help of the achievements of modern science it is possible to increase its production in the body. This will help to rejuvenate women at any age. Using a device that uses collagen lamps is one of the safest and most effective ways to maintain the beauty and elasticity of the skin.

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