Calorie content of tea

Everyone wants to be slim. With this, no one argues. Everyone wants to be beautiful. And this is also a fact. And this statement applies not only to the fair sex. Those who want to look stunning always watch not only for what they eat, but also for what they drink.

Therefore, many take on the calorie table. With food, everything is clear, but with drinks, things are a bit more complicated.

Tea, the caloricity of which can not always beto determine the dieticians themselves, is by right the most favorite drink. But, as soon as you try to find out what its utility is, you are faced with the problem that information about this has always been, is and will remain contradictory.

The fact is that the caloric value of tea will depend onfrom the number of brewed tea leaves, and from a wide variety of additives that some connoisseurs of delicate taste and aroma put in this refined drink.

So, what is the caloricity of tea? Let's look at a cup of plain, leaf tea: there are not enough calories - only five or six.

Please note that if you are looking for a tool,which will save you from thirst in the heat, you will not find anything better than chilled tea. But if you add to it at least some flavor or, say, sugar, you can get a high-calorie drink.

So, a teaspoon of sugar makes caloric teaequal to 35 kilocalories. The same is done by milk, even if it is fat-free. If we talk about cream, then they add tea 75 kilocalories. And condensed milk, even if you add a small amount - about 80 kilocalories.

Of course, as can be seen from the above statistics,it is best to do without any additives to tea, otherwise all this is fraught with consequences for the figure. Moreover, if you want to try out the true flavor and taste of tea, then you should avoid any supplements.

Among the population of the planet Earth, the vast majority - lovers of black tea. Therefore, often the question arises whether this drink is useful and whether it is worth it to drink in large quantities.

Tea, including black, is known to mankindfrom time immemorial. And they used it not only to quench their thirst, but also to cure a cold and just to stay in a good mood. Now people began to think more and more often not only about the taste, but also about the calorie content of tea. In our time there is a huge variety of varieties of this drink. There are as many of them as there are ways to brew it.

If you pay attention to diets, you can cometo the conclusion that tea is often used in them, and, as a rule, black. Caloric content of black tea, as mentioned above, is only five or six kilocalories. If you drink a cup of black tea with one spoonful of sugar, you get up to thirty-five kilocalories, which charge you with energy and a great mood for the whole working day.

If you add a small amount of condensed milk to a cup of black tea, you can get eighty kilocalories, as is the case with any other type of tea.

If you want to enjoy tea and not be afraid forthe harmony of his figure, it is worth giving preference to green. It does not contain calories, moreover, this drink has all the necessary bioactive substances that have a beneficial effect on the metabolic processes taking place in it. As is known, green tea is the best assistant in the struggle for good health and longevity, it also helps to get rid of depression. If you use this tea constantly, you can forget about the problems with vision, it will stimulate creative possibilities, help maintain concentration for a long time, and also make the nervous system resistant to the influence of external stimuli.

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