What can replace Arbidol? Analog cheaper than "Arbidol"

Antiviral drugs are increasingly being introduced intohuman life. A few decades ago people were saved from colds with grandmother's recipes. Now it is enough to take a magic pill, as the symptoms of the disease begin to subside. One of the most popular antiviral drugs is Arbidol. Analogues, cheaper or more expensive, are produced by many firms. Medicines have identical or different composition. Nevertheless, the principle of the operation of the means is approximately the same. Today's article will tell you about what to replace Arbidol. A cheap analogue of "Arbidol" will be presented to your attention.

analogously cheaper than arbidol

Original remedy

Before you find out which analogue is cheaper"Arbidol", it is recommended to familiarize yourself with the essential drug. The drug belongs to the group of antiviral medications having immunomodulating activity. The active substance was the same component - arbidol. The product is available in tablets and capsules. The liquid form of the medicine became a novelty for the consumer. The dosage of the main substance may differ. In a pharmacy without a doctor's prescription, you can purchase the following medicines:

  • tablets 50 mg No. 10 (200 rubles) or No. 20 (300 rubles);
  • capsules 100 mg №10 (250 rubles.), №20 (530 rubles.) or №40 (1200 rubles);
  • pills 200 mg No. 10 (550 rubles);
  • suspension in a volume of 100 ml (25 mg in 5 ml) for 330 rubles.

The drug is prescribed for viral diseases andimmunodeficiency. The medicine is indicated with frequent recurrent chronic pathologies. Effective is the drug "Arbidol" for the treatment of influenza, ARVI, bronchitis, rhinitis, pneumonia, intestinal infections. Also, the remedy is widely used for preventive purposes.

Often patients in pursuit of savings try to find an analogue (cheaper than Arbidol). We learn what can replace this medicine and in what situations make it appropriate.

cheap analogue of children's arbidol

Arbidol: analogues cheaper

Before choosing an alternative medicinalit is necessary to consult a doctor. Be sure to find out if you can use an analog in your case. It is not recommended to replace it yourself. Also, one should not listen to the recommendations of experienced acquaintances and experienced pharmacists. Remember that you can choose a really suitable medicine only by your doctor. If you want to replace the drug Arbidol, you can find an analogue cheaper. The structural substitutes are:

  • "Arpefly";
  • Arpetol;
  • "Immustat";
  • Arpetolide.

But much more often drugs are used as substitutes for medicines:

  • Remantadin;
  • Anaferon;
  • "Ergoferon";
  • "Citovir";
  • Isoprinosine;
  • "Kagocel" and many others.

Let's consider in more detail, than it is possible to replace "Arbidol".

arbidol analogues cheaper

The analogue is cheaper: a structural substitute

If you need to choose a medicine with suchthe same active substance, it is necessary to give preference to structural analogues. They have a lower cost, but they have the same effect on the human body. Appointed drugs for the treatment and prevention of viral diseases and bacterial complications. Cheap analog "Arbidol" (child and adult) will cost you the following amount.

  • The drug "Arpefly" is produced on 10 tabletsdosage of 100 mg and costs 130 rubles. This is 120 rubles cheaper than the original medication. 20 tablets of the drug "Arpefly" with a dose of 50 mg can be purchased for 120 rubles, which is less than twice that of "Arbidol" tablets.
  • Medication "Arpetol" will cost you about 300rubles for 20 capsules of 100 mg. This amount is 200 rubles less than "Arbidol". You can buy and 20 tablets of 50 mg. This purchase will cost about 150 rubles.
  • "Immustat" in a dosage of 100 mg will cost you about 200 rubles. Tablets of 50 mg will cost about 100 rubles.

Scheme of application, dose and contraindications in alldrugs coincide. Therefore, they are recognized as complete substitutes. Just note that some drugs are difficult to find in Russia. But pharmacy chains will gladly bring them to order.

arbidol analogue cheaper


There is an analogue cheaper than Arbidol, whichhas a different operating principle and contains different components. These are the Remantadine tablets. They have long been used in medicine and have a democratic price. You can buy 20 tablets of 50 mg for 200 rubles. Take the drug should be for 5 to 30 days. The medication is used to treat and prevent diseases of a viral nature. Consumers say that the drug effectively and quickly copes with the pathology. The next day after the first application, there is an improvement.

This drug differs from the original thatRemantadine has no immunomodulatory effect. Therefore, it is not used to prevent bacterial complications. The medicine is exclusively fighting viruses. Please note that the drug is not allowed for use for children under 7 years of age and in pregnant women. Diseases of the liver, kidneys, thyroid gland will also be an excuse for refusing therapy.

Medications Anaferon and Ergoferon

What other analog is there? Cheaper than "Arbidol" will be drugs that have an immunostimulating effect. This means "Anaferon" (250 rubles.) And "Ergoferon" (320 rubles.). Both drugs contain antibodies to gamma-interferon. They make the immunity work with redoubled force. Medicines are used for viral infections and bacterial complications: ARVI, influenza, herpes, intestinal flu, meningitis and so on.

The manufacturer of these medicines reports on their safety. Medication is allowed and used even for young children and pregnant women. Contraindications become only hypersensitivity.

Kagocel and Citovir

These two funds go in step. Medications differ in that one drug is used for adults, and the other is prescribed for children. Kagocel tablets are available in 12 pieces per pack. Such a medicine will cost from 200 to 250 rubles. Analog "Arbidol" for children - cheap "Citovir". A remedy is used in the form of syrup from the first year of life. There is such a medicine about 300 rubles. This is slightly less than the original medication.

Both drugs have positive reviewsconsumers. Means refer to inducers of interferon synthesis. They are not addictive. Medicines stimulate the functioning of the body's defense system. They are also used for preventive purposes (similar to Arbidol).

Tablets "Cycloferon"

This medicine costs about 180 rubles. For this amount you will receive 10 tablets. You can buy more medicine, but the cost of it will be higher. Medication refers to antiviral agents. The drug is effective in treating many pathologies. Children are appointed only after 4 years. It is also forbidden to take the drug "Cycloferon" to persons with hypersensitivity, pregnant women and nursing mothers.

Reviews say that this relatively inexpensiveanalog "Arbidol" is quite effective. The list of his testimony is much wider than that of the original remedy. That is why many patients prefer this drug. In addition, its use is very convenient. Use tablets only once a day.

arbidol analogues cheaper for children


You can safely replace Arbidolhomeopathic compounds. But such medications do not always have a lower cost. Many of them surpass in price the medicine "Arbidol". For example, the drug "Ocillococcinum" is recognized as an excellent immunomodulatory and antiviral agent. It includes an extract of the liver and heart of the duck, as well as additional components. Used granules for influenza and ARVI. There are no contraindications to the use of the Oscillococcinum. It should not be prescribed only if the individual components are intolerant. This safe homeopathic remedy will cost 350 rubles for 6 capsules.

The lower cost is the drug Aflubin (300rubles for 24 tablets). In its composition there are plant components and homeopathic compounds. Aflubin is accepted for the purpose of treatment and prevention of viral pathologies. He is also prescribed for joint disease. Contraindicated use the product with increased sensitivity.

analogue of arbidol for children is cheap


Specialists say: if your child is appointed "Arbidol", analogues cheaper for children should not be looked for. Most drugs that have the same effect and are allowed to use in babies cost about the same as the original medicine. Cheap substitutes can be found, but they are allowed to be taken only at a certain age. Many consumers do not believe in the strength of the drug Arbidol. Therefore at such appointment they independently try to pick up other medicine. But this can be fraught with unpleasant consequences.

As the reviews say, the medicine "Arbidol" refersto safe. There are cases when this drug was prescribed in minimal doses to pregnant women. At the same time, they did not experience any side effects and healthy children were born. This practice proves once again that "Arbidol" is safe and effective.

than to replace arbidol cheap analog of arbidol


From the article you learned what medicines have"Arbidol" analogs (cheaper). The list of drugs, as well as their prices are given to your attention. If you have indications for taking medication or there are disturbing symptoms, then do not self-medicate and find substitutes. Contact your healthcare provider for help. Experts will help you choose the right remedy that will be really effective. Good health to you!

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