Coughing up blood for colds. Cough blood: causes

Sometimes in a sputum, expectorating during a cough,can occur blood veins. If this symptom is episodic, then it indicates damage to the vessel. In this case there is no room for panic. But, if a cough with blood for a cold has a protracted character, then it's time to sound an alarm. After all, this symptom can signal serious diseases of internal organs.

coughing up blood for colds

Possible reasons

There are many sources known to causesimilar symptomatology. It is very important to correctly determine the cause of hemoptysis. A small amount of light blood appears in the sputum as a result of increased blood pressure during the cough. And veins or clots of dark red color - this is already enough alarm. This symptomatology is characteristic of lung cancer or tuberculosis.

What diseases cause blood on cough? The causes of such symptoms are hidden in the following diseases:

  • inflammatory processes in the lungs and bronchi;
  • tonsillitis, laryngitis, tracheitis;
  • colds, flu;
  • oncology;
  • diseases of the digestive tract (ulcer);
  • cardiovascular ailments;
  • trauma of bronchi, tracheal injury.

Concomitant symptomatology

Before selecting a treatment,from what systems of the body does blood come when coughing? It comes from the respiratory tract, or it is provoked by nasal sinuses, stomach, mouth.

coughing up blood in the morning

To tell the patient the true cause of thisphenomena are associated with accompanying symptoms. For example, pulmonary bleeding is characterized by pain, unpleasant discomfort in the chest. Thus the allocated liquid, as a rule, is painted in pink color. Blood from the stomach has a darker color spectrum. Accompanying the phenomenon of vomiting, a painful sensation in the abdomen. Often with sputum, part of the food or other contents of the stomach is secreted.

Bronchial diseases

In more than half of all cases, the pathological process occurs with respiratory tract ailments. Basically, a cough with blood appears in bronchitis or bronchiectasis.

In acute or chronic stage of the diseasethe patient suffers the strongest coughing attacks. As a rule, thick sputum is released in a very large amount. It can often occur blood veins. However, this symptom does not appear in all patients who are diagnosed with bronchitis.

In most cases, coughing with blood in the morning.

Abscess of lung, pneumonia

Symptomatic differencesinflammatory processes in the lungs. In this case, the sputum gets a rusty shade or, on the contrary, bright red. Accompanies pneumonia high fever, chest pain, severe deterioration in general condition. If the patient is weakened, then often an ailment is fraught with such a serious complication, as an abscess of the lung.

tablets for cough price

In this case, the patient rapidly increasestemperature, in the chest there are severe pains. Sputum during reflux contains a small amount of pus. It acquires a greenish shade and has an unpleasant smell.

Most often there is a strong cough with blood in the morning. Thus, the abscess is emptied. After this, the patient experiences noticeable relief. Body temperature is somewhat reduced.

Laryngitis, tracheitis, tonsillitis

With these diseases, blood streaks can occur in the sputum. Illnesses are accompanied by other symptoms. As a rule, the patient has a voice change, pain in the throat.


Unfortunately, this is one of the frequent causes of a strongcough accompanied by blood. This symptom can be a complication of any form of pulmonary tuberculosis. Therefore, if a cough is lingering, and there are clots in the sputum, you should immediately consult a doctor. Often, this symptomatology is the first sign of an impending ailment.

Accompanies tuberculosis fever, weight loss, intense sweating, especially at night. The patient has increased fatigue, a painful cough.

Lung cancer

Oncology of internal organs for a long timecan absolutely not be manifested in any way. In the future, the patient periodically appears cough. In sputum, there is blood in the form of clots or veins. This symptomatology is combined with worsening of the condition. It is especially acute this morning. Acquires a cough lingering nature. In the chest, the patient experiences a burning sensation. It is quite difficult for a patient to clear his throat. Often isolated clots. Also for the disease characterized by a sharp deterioration in appetite and weight loss.

coughing lingering

Cardiovascular ailments

In some cases, the patient may developpulmonary hypertension. The patient is experiencing shortness of breath, a sense of lack of air. Stagnation of blood leads to the appearance of it in the phlegm during a cough. With this symptomatology, you should always consult a doctor.

Pulmonary haemorrhage

This phenomenon is dangerous for the patient's life. It is characterized by heavy bleeding during a cough. Accompanying the ailment of pain in the sternum, shortness of breath. If a large amount of blood is present in the patient's sputum - this is a serious reason for urgent hospitalization


As mentioned earlier, it is often unpleasantSymptoms can cause damage to small vessels. In this case, a cough with blood for a cold does not conceal a danger. However, it should be remembered that the frequent presence of veins in the sputum should alert. The best solution for such symptoms is the passage of a complete medical examination.

First aid

If there is a coughing up of the blood for a cold,An urgent intervention does not need this phenomenon. During treatment, special attention should be paid to strengthening the vessels. For these purposes, the intake of certain vitamin complexes is recommended. An excellent preparation is "Ascorutin".

With the cold, which accompanies coughing with blood, with bronchitis the following methods of folk treatment are recognized as effective enough:

  • Aloe (pulp) with honey.
  • Decoction of ginger root with the addition of lemon.
  • Warm milk with mineral (alkaline) water.
  • Inhalation over essential oils or decoction of potatoes.
  • Herbal collections (breast), characterized by an expectorant effect.

cough with blood in bronchitis

Diagnosis of diseases

To determine the reasons for the unpleasantsymptomatology, you should first visit a therapist. If necessary, he will direct you to a narrow specialist. It can be ENT, pulmonologist, phthisiatrist (if suspected of tuberculosis) or an oncologist.

However, to accurately determine if a cough occurs withblood for a cold or a more serious illness, the doctor is only able after a laboratory examination. Typically, the patient is recommended the following diagnostic methods:

  • General blood analysis. This examination will show the degree of inflammation in the body.
  • Sputum analysis. It allows to diagnose bronchitis, tuberculosis, pneumonia.
  • Analysis of sweat. This study identifies cystic fibrosis leading to colds.
  • Chest X-ray. A very important diagnostic method. He gives a complete description of tuberculosis, pneumonia, embolism, lung abscess, cancer.
  • Bronchoscopy (examination of the walls). A study is used to diagnose oncology, bronchiectasis and some other ailments.
  • CT. Computer tomography is sufficiently detailed to detect all changes in the lungs.
  • ECG, coagulogram, FEGS. These studies are used to identify the cause of the disease, the source of which is not a cold. In these cases, methods are used to determine cardiovascular and gastroenterological diseases. Clotting of blood is carefully examined.


Only after diagnosis can the question be raisedabout the fight against the disease. If the cause of the phenomenon is hidden in the common cold, then the treatment will include recommendations for strengthening immunity. The doctor will prescribe antitussive medicines. The complex of medicinal therapy includes anti-inflammatory drugs.

when the cough is bleeding

Depending on the stage of the disease, the nature of the cough, syrups, tablets against cough, the price (average) of which is given in parentheses may be prescribed:

  • "Bromhexine" (18 p);
  • Broncholitin (73 r);
  • Ambroxol (25 r);
  • Sinupret (277 r);
  • Gedelix (226 r);
  • "Herbion" (204 r).

If there are no contraindications, the patient canput mustard plaster. However, remember that this product can not be used at elevated temperature. It is forbidden to place mustard plasters on birthmarks, spine, bone protrusions. In no case should you use these drugs for tuberculosis, tumors, abscess of the lungs.

Cough tablets are not very effective, the pricewhich varies within reasonable limits, with serious ailments. In the case of bacterial bronchitis or pneumonia, it is advisable to take antibiotics. Special drugs are prescribed for the treatment of tuberculosis. When diagnosing oncology, chemistry is connected, and sometimes the surgical way of solving the problem is considered. Surgery may be needed by patients who have a lung abscess or bronchiectasis.

Preventive measures

Any disease is much easier to prevent than to deal with it. Therefore, it is advisable to follow certain preventive measures. They include:

  1. Compliance with a healthy lifestyle. Do not forget about moderate physical loads and mandatory outdoor walks.
  2. Balanced diet. The diet should be enriched with microelements and vitamins.
  3. Strengthening of immunity. You can recommend hardening.
  4. Full quitting or significant reduction in smoking.
  5. Treatment in sanatoria for patients suffering from bronchopulmonary system diseases.
  6. Minimize visits to crowded places during epidemics.
  7. Combating colds at the first symptomatology. It is recommended not to bring the disease to complications.
  8. Timely diagnosis and treatment of ailments that can cause a cough with the presence of blood in the sputum. It is mandatory to monitor coagulability.

in the sputum streaks of blood

Remember that the treatment of diseases directly dependsfrom the causes that provoked him. At the same time, prevention of unpleasant symptoms is completely in your hands. Correct way of life, timely treatment of illnesses, strengthening of immunity will save you not only from a cough with blood, but also provide good health for many years.

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