Omission of the uterus, gymnastics for strengthening the pelvic muscles

The omission of the uterus affects women who have stepped overage of forty. The cause of the disease can be complicated childbirth, resulting in ruptures in the perineum or vagina. A pathological abnormality of the uterus provokes loosening of the ligaments, especially in cases of bending behind. The tone of the pelvic floor muscles depends on the hormonal background and weakens after menopause.

The consequences of the disease are manifested in violation ofblood circulation in the reproductive system, lymph flow and in stagnant processes in the genital organs. With the development of the diagnosis, the patients complain of frequent urination, urinary incontinence and painful sensations, constipation and the appearance of hemorrhoids.

Massage of reproductive organs, specialexercises are the basis of a conservative course of treatment, appointed by gynecologists, if there is a uterine omission. Gymnastics is aimed at the gradual strengthening of the muscles that cover the pelvic floor. Before exercise, it is recommended that you do not eat anything to keep your stomach empty. To achieve the desired effect, you need to deal with it systematically. It is allowed to increase loads as far as possible, if all the specified volume of movements can not be executed immediately.

Exercises for ovulation of the uterus

  1. Prepare a special mat. Roll out of her roller. In the first exercise, the starting position is lying on the back. The roller is just under the buttocks. It is important that the back is below the pelvis. It is important to keep your foot straight when moving. At the command of "one", lift one leg upwards, perpendicular to the floor. Two - put it back. Three - the other leg lifted up, perpendicular to the floor. Four - put it back. And so - seven times, if you treat the omission of the uterus. Gymnastics are performed at an average pace.

  2. It is important, while moving, to keep your legs straight. Raise two legs, forming with the floor 90 degrees. Vzmahi alternately with both limbs are called "scissors". Exercise to do 1 minute.
  3. Exercise "bicycle" strengthens the rectus musclebelly, oblique outer muscle of the trunk, oblique inner muscle of the trunk and transverse. These are problem areas for the diagnosis of uterine prolapse. Gymnastics are performed smoothly, coordinated movements of both legs, reminiscent of cycling. Two legs raise, forming 90 degrees with the floor. Bend in the knee and thigh alternately, then one, that other limb. The heel moves along the trajectory of the circle, as if the woman is twisting the pedals. So "go" for 1 minute.
  4. Exercise "birch" gynecologists recommend whenproblems with conception of the child, for the prevention and treatment of the disease of the uterine prolapse. Gymnastics is static, it is a rack on the shoulder blades. The command "time" - straightened legs to lift above themselves, forming with the trunk a corner of 45 degrees. On the "two" - raise the legs and hips, forming an angle of 90 degrees with the floor. Hands, with an emphasis on the elbows, support the body. Take a stable position on the shoulder blades, stand there for 10 seconds, gradually increasing the time. It is important not to stand on the cervical spine and take into account contraindications to exercise, for example, osteochondrosis of the thoracic region
  5. The starting position is on all fours. The command "once" back to bend upwards. Team "two" - back to bend down. Repeat seven times.
  6. The starting position is on all fours. The command "time" - to withdraw a leg to straighten. Then, seven times, wave your straightened leg upward, aiming for the maximum amplitude of the strokes. Attach the leg and repeat the exercise for the second leg.

A doctor may advise wearing a special bandage when the uterus descends

Elastic belt, made on the basis ofCotton cloth, tightly holds the weakened abdominal wall. This creates the necessary level of intra-abdominal pressure. So the pathological displacement of internal organs is essentially limited. Bandage is chosen in the pharmacy to its size.

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