"Aversect" preparation: instructions for use in veterinary medicine

What is a veterinary drug"Aversect"? The description, indications and characteristics of this medication are discussed below. Also we will tell you in what form the medication is issued and how to use it correctly.

aversect instructions for use in veterinary medicine

Issue form, description, packaging and composition

What is "Aversect"? Instructions for use in veterinary medicine states that this preparation is made in the form of a 1% injection clear solution of light yellow color. Its active ingredient is the substance aversectin C. Also in the composition of the medicament are additional substances: low molecular weight polyvinylpyrrolidone, ethanol, polyethylene oxide and water for injections.

The drug "Aversect 2" (solution for injection 1)packaged in hermetically sealed sterile containers with a capacity of 10, 100, 50, 400 and 200 ml. Also, the agent in question can be purchased in glass bottles and polyethylene bottles.

Pharmacological features

What is remarkable about the drug "Aversect"? Instructions for use in veterinary medicine state that it is an antiparasitic agent that has a nematodicidal, insecticidal and acaricidal effect. It is active against gastric and nasopharyngeal gadflies, subcutaneous gadfly larvae, insects, sarcopthoid mites, lung nematodes and gastrointestinal tract parasites in the animals.

Effective action of the drug is due tothe presence in it of aversectin C. This substance actively influences the magnitude of the current of Cl ions through the membranes of the muscle and nerve cells of the parasite. Its main target are gamma-aminobutyric acid receptors and glutamate-sensitive chlorine channels. Changing the current of Cl ions disrupts the processes of carrying out nerve impulses, which ultimately leads first to parasitism of the parasite, and then to its death.

Kinetic characteristics

Is the medicine "Aversect" absorbed? Instructions for use in veterinary medicine informs that after the subcutaneous administration of the preparation, the main component is very quickly absorbed and distributed to all tissues and organs of the animal.

aversect 2 instructions for use in veterinary medicine

Excretion of aversectin C occurs in unchangedtogether with feces. By the way, in lactating females this substance is excreted and together with milk (partially). After entering the external environment, this element is very quickly destroyed.

This drug is classified as moderately hazardous. In recommended dosages it does not have mutagenic, teratogenic and embryotoxic effects.

Indications for use

What is the purpose of the injection solution?"Aversect"? Instructions for use in veterinary medicine informs that the medication is prescribed not only with curative, but also with a preventive purpose. It is used for healing of sheep, cattle, pigs, reindeer, goats, marals, moose and camels.

Indications for the use of the drug are the following animal diseases:

  • vegetable invasions;
  • nematodosis of the lungs and gastrointestinal tract;
  • psoroptosis;
  • chorioptosis;
  • sarcoptic disease;
  • sifunkuljatoz.

Prohibitions for appointment

This drug is not prescribed:

aversect 2 injection

  • exhausted and weakened animals;
  • dairy mammal;
  • females during pregnancy, whose milk is planned to be used for food purposes.

"Aversect 2" preparation: instructions for use in veterinary medicine

The introduction of the injectable solution in question is to be performed only by a paramedic, a veterinarian or specially trained persons under their supervision.

Medication "Avercect 2" is introduced to livestock withobservance of all aseptic rules. Do this one or two times in the back third of the neck or forearm. The dosage is calculated individually for each animal. As a rule, it depends on the type of livestock, its weight and the type of disease that exists.

When introducing a veterinary drug in a volume exceeding 10 ml, injections should be done in several places.

Treatment of livestock in nematodes is performed before staging it. Also, the preparation is administered in the spring before the immediate pasture of the animal on the pasture.

If "Aversect 2" is used against ovarian invasions, it is used immediately after the end of the summer.

Complications and side effects

In the process of applying the "Aversect 2" sidereactions in livestock are not observed. If at high personal sensitivity of the animal to the elements of the medicine there were signs of intoxication, the use of the medication is completely stopped.

veterinary drug aversect

Special Recommendations

The agent should not be administered simultaneously with avermectin-based drugs. In addition, it is forbidden to mix (in one syringe) with other medicines.

Slaughter of meat for meat is permissible only after 21 days after the last injection of the drug. If the slaughter was done earlier, the meat should be used as a fodder for fur-bearing animals.

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